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A couple of years ago I wrote a post entitled “Bookstooge | A Reviewer of One” and I thought it was high time to either repost it or update it. Reading through it I realized I needed an update style post instead of a repost. While some of the info in that post has changed (I’ll be touching on that later, especially in regards to other people), my own motivations and personal quirks have changed a bit too. And I wouldn’t want ANYONE to miss out knowing all about that kind of stuff.

So first off, other people. In the post previous mentioned, I had listed out 4 blogs where co-bloggers had really seemed to work out, even when life circumstances had changed. Well, those blogs have fallen victim to the usual outcome of co-blogging, which is what I was worried about back then. The Bibliosanctum is now carried on the capable shoulders of Mogsy alone. PCBushi is on life support and I haven’t seen the other Bushi’s in years. Lashaan valiantly tried to keep Bookidote going but eventually had to start his own site. And the Reading over the Shoulders brothers? Life priorities took them away from blogging completely. Nobody did anything wrong, it’s just that when you add another person to the blogging mix, you end up with 4 times the pressure, not just 2 times. I feel like my decision to stay solitary on the blogging journey has been fully justified.

What has changed however is me. I still fully stand behind myself as a Reviewer of One. But I have come to realize that I simply cannot go it a lone. I could not write into a void any more. I am ALSO not a spur of the moment writer any more. In fact,, as I type this, it is actually 3 weeks in the past. Hello citizens of the future! * waves * If I write 2 posts a month spur of the moment, or even the night before, that’s about as close to the edge as I get now.

Everything else stands though. I don’t want to share my blog with anyone. I only want posts that glorify me. I still want to be top dog and not have to worry about a co-blogger stealing all my awesomeness. In the words of the famous visionary Matrix Lincoln “I have a dream! That every blogger can write just as they want to and be totally awesome at it, dude.”

Matrix Lincoln said it, that settles it!

I have realized that over the last 5 years I have stayed A Loner in terms of writing but when it comes to blogging, I cannot do it Alone. (see, that right there is pure blogging gold!) That is part of why it feels personal every time a blogger stops blogging even though I know it isn’t. Sometimes how things are all mixed up inside of us really leaves me scratching my head wondering how we all survive getting out bed in the morning, much less function in a group.

Be that as it may. I stand here a testament to the power of sheer willpower and stubbornness of the dedicated but casual blogger. I am a Loner but I am NOT ALONE.

43 thoughts on “Bookstooge | A Loner But Not Alone

  1. All sounds about right. I headed my personal page as “a public conversation I’m having with myself.” Always fun when someone joins in, but the posts are the mutterings of a cranky old dude (me).

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  2. Is it glorifying you when i say I still blog only to see what reactions i will be getting from you Alone? That when i see you only liked and did not comment on a post that i feel it a total write off and seriously doubt my life choices (metal mondays dont count)…

    Only joking, keep doing what you are doing Stooge one man army you is a great you to have among the ranks.

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    1. Haha, aren’t you so funny 😀
      I have come to realize that I can’t write into a void (for the most part) and need other people to interact with.
      And I like having you hang around too, it’s fun 🙂

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  3. When I first started blogging about books, I was hoping there would be some interest from other BL readers and we could embark on a hobby-mega-blog.
    Thankfully, this never happened.
    Buddy-reads are where it’s at instead, much more fun without the pressures of blogging and… cross-promotion is more beneficial for all.

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    1. Yeah, I know that initial feeling of “Empire!” but as you say, it is usually better that it doesn’t work out. Plus, the amount of work? No thank you!

      and I agree. Linking to and promoting other bloggers is a service to everyone…

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  4. I know what you mean. Even though my posting goes from consistent to very sporadic, I’m glad I’m just leaving my blog inactive for a week or three every now and then rather than feeling like I’m letting a team down.

    I also feel it as a loss when a blogger I interact with regularly stops. In that situation I try to reach out and keep in contact via Instagram/email etc …

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  5. I enjoy joint blogging with my BFF but we both tend to slack off at the exact same time and then it’s been several weeks since either one of us posted. Lol. I don’t think I would enjoy doing it with anyone else though because of the exact things you mentioned.

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      1. It doesn’t affect it too much. Since the joint blog is focused on more horror themes, I just save horror stuff for that and as you know, lately I’m just posting about outdoor adventures and gardening on mine. I’ve been such a slow reader this spring, I have barely done any book reviews. However, if I actually felt pressure to post more on the joint blog, I would probably post more there to help out my friend and put my blog on the backburner a little.

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  6. I too have reached a point in life where I look having full autonomy over what I write. I may be alone, but I am not lonely. I will be posting my Asterix review tonight. I’ve been bogged down with probate of my father’s estate etc….

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    1. Writing seems like a very personal thing to me now. I wouldn’t want to share 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know about Asterix. I’ll try to update everyone.


  7. Real life issues often end up messing with bloggers’ plans – be they partnered with other bloggers or not – so I imagine that most of the “troubles” come from external rather than internal problems. Still, being one’s only… master & commander 😀 does have its merits…

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  8. Yep. For co-blogging to work, you’d have to resonate on a wavelength that is beyond human and be ready to embrace countless sacrifices/compromises. Priorities and values evolve over time and that’s when it all dies. I’m just super glad to get the parasite off my back and do things my way on my own terms with no one else profiting off me! 😀

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