24 thoughts on “Ali Baba – MTG 4th Edition

        1. That’s ok, Magic is a complex game that only gets more complex as time goes on so I wouldn’t expect anyone not already familiar with it or some other collectable trading card game to understand.

          You could do that song thing, but you might lose a friend if you did!


    1. So a creature, like Ali baba, can attack an opponents life points (you start with 20). the person he is attacking can choose to block with one of their own creatures. But you can only block with untapped creatures. So if Ali Baba taps an opponents wall (which is a creature), that wall can’t block Ali Baba and Ali smacks the opponent for 1 damage.

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    1. I’m glad that someone appreciates the artistic side of this blog 😀
      plus, converting from one format to another, that’s like 4 clicks of the mouse, so I do feel like I put in a day’s work…


    1. This is what confused me. I think maybe Ali Baba is the creature and it has the power to knock down walls (the other player’s defences). But it seems pretty obscure. We need a group play of Magik.

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    1. Oh, you’ll be getting some of those, no worries.
      if you look in the middle of the card, on the left, this one says “Summon Ali Baba”. When the creature is a wall it will say “Summon Wall”. Most of the walls are named something like “Wall of X” so you won’t be getting those for quite some time…

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    1. I am showing them alphabetically right now. There is a number to each card, but it made trying to figure out which ones I had already done a complete chore, (the number is only in the online database, not on the actual card), so I chose to go alphabetically. Plus, that way the colors get all mixed up.

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