Vanilla Coke Zero – It’s Baaaaaack

Back in 2017, those olden and mythic days when men were men and women were women (oh, how that phrase has changed in meaning 😦 ), I had discovered Vanilla Coke Zero. In 2019 I discovered Vanilla Orange Coke Zero. Sadly, Vanilla Orange has been discontinued and even Vanilla Zero was very hard to find in the last 2 years. In the last 2 months however Vanilla Zero (now rebranded Zero Sugar for some nonsensical reason) is back on the shelves and I’m doing my part to drink as much of it as I can.

Now, I am not a huge fan of this tan brown look. It’s not horrible, but it says to me “Drink me only if you’ve got nothing better to do. In fact, try water”. It does taste just as good though, which is why I’m doing my part to help keep that Mom & Pop company, little ol’ Coca Cola, afloat.

Just a little update on the doings of the Great and Powerful Bookstooge. I wanted to share because I know the Little People are always interested in what their betters are doing and they can vicariously share in the thrill. Never say I wasn’t a great humanitarian!

46 thoughts on “Vanilla Coke Zero – It’s Baaaaaack

        1. I agree with your initial assessment. I wouldn’t have thought it would work either, but a friend recommended it and so I tried it and bam, I really liked it.

          I’ve since tried experimenting with orange extract but it’s just not the same…


    1. You missed the class on Gender Fluidity I see, Mr Authority.
      That class was State mandated and by missing it you have shown yourself to be an enemy of the state and a hater of cute teddy bears. So it’s off the Gulags for you, me bucko!

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          1. Ok, I must be thinking of somebody else then. That’s what happens when you have conversations all across the internet for years and years 😀

            I’ll take an alright over a “that’s gross and disgusting and I won’t drink it”. I set the bar pretty low when it comes to soda 😀


  1. I…. I just don’t know. I haven’t tried it, and I generally like vanilla. But vanilla pop? I’ll reserve my judgement for if I ever do give it a try – I’ve given up soda for the past two years and don’t want to break my streak.

    If you like it, you like it! 🙂

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  2. Your little vice is back with vengeance! 😀 Although the color of the packaging is a bit weird, kinda “old gold” type of thing which doesn’t seem to match my general ideas about Coca-Cola 😉 But I don’t drink that stuff, so what do I know! 😅

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  3. For awhile here (AU) there was a Coke Zero which, iirc, had the usual chemical sweeteners, and a zero sugar coke, which was sweetened with stevia, a plant. It was a stupid marketing decision b/c nobody could ever remember which was which. And all the labelling was red. I can’t have the chemical ones, and could never remember which was which either, so it all fell into the too hard bucket, and I just stuck with my iced tea.

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    1. Yeah, orange vanilla was my favorite. I was pretty sad to learn it was discontinued.

      Dr Pepper cream soda sounds pretty good. I might have to check it out for the 4th of July 🙂


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