Out of WordPress Jail!

For the last couple of years my ability to comment on the WordPress.com Forums has been curtailed because I said some things about staff and called them shills, etc when the block editor was forced down our throats and many blogging options that had been available in the old editor were removed. I regret nothing! While the staff are not the creators of the block editor, nor implementers of it, they WERE the public face of WordPress and they sang it’s praises like it had a hold of certain delicate parts of their anatomy and they deserved every word that I wrote.

So this past week I was perusing the forum (you can learn a lot by reading stupid peoples’ mistakes and questions) and realized my ability to comment was back on. What a waste. The flipping Pro Plan and rapacious Starter Plan are already fully integrated into their business model so it’s pointless to go raging after that. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next dumb move by WordPress.com to get banned again.

Sometimes life is hard when you’re me 😉

51 thoughts on “Out of WordPress Jail!

  1. It’s annoying getting kicked off boards. But I take it as a mark of pride that I was banned from both the CBC and The Guardian . . . after both organizations had contacted me wanting me to write something for them. It’s a weird media world we live in.

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      1. Oh, political stuff.

        What’s annoying is they always claim that their moderators suffer so much having to wade through all these posts that are filled with racism and hate and obscenity, and my posts had absolutely none of that. I was just calling out political positions. But they didn’t like it.

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        1. Are you the man that the authorities could not tame?

          My experience with CBC was that they pushed the boat out to get the top intellectual figures of the day as guests. But only the crème from la crème, with stuff of genuine social and political import to say, get the nod for an in-air interview…

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    1. Good for you! Maybe I’ll let you have that Iron Cross bust after all then 😉

      I’ve given up on most social media. I hang around the wp forums because I find I do learn a lot. Much easier to learn from other peoples’ mistakes 🙂

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  2. The WordPress staff must get some perverse pleasure from being counterproductive and annoying to this degree…
    A friend of mine, Alessandra Scarpulla – who has the blog “Tiny Life” – has been denied the ability to “like” any blogs since April when she was wrongly accused of being a Spam Bot.
    Since she has a non-paying account and WordPress makes money from ads every time she posts something that’s seen by someone else, she refuses to grovel and beg them to be reinstated.
    I pay in order to avoid selling crap on my blogs, so I suppose different rules apply in my case?

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    1. I agree, the staff are just mouth pieces for the corporate jackasses and it is their job to say good things about wordpress.com even when what they are saying is patently false.

      I’ve run into other people in that situation as your friend. If it’s not a technical issue (a lot of modern browsers have built in features for privacy that don’t work well with WP), then her best bet is to start another blog under a new email. But that’s a lot of work, so she’d have to decide if it’s worth it or not.
      As for the ads, I’m with you. I’m currently paying for one of the legacy plans just to get rid of the ads. I had so many problems with going dotcom last time I tried it that I just kept everything at wordpress.com. Not having ads is a big deal as far as I’m concerned.

      Speaking of your blog, just so you know, your gravatar just shows “wordpress.com” as your site and doesn’t appear to have a link to your actual site. Every time you like one of my posts I can’t go back to your site. Just thought I’d let you know.

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                1. Unfortunately, it’s showing up as just “wordpress.com”. It might be a caching issue on my end though.
                  If I click on your gravatar picture, it takes me to your gravatar home and that shows your various sites. It’s only when I directly click on your name that it just goes to “wordpress.com”.

                  So it’s either a caching issue on my end OR there is on more place you need to change.
                  I seem to remember when I changed my avatar I had to do it in 3 places, but I can’t for the life of me remember where in WP that 3rd place is.

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  3. That’s how most social media works nowadays. Say something that doesn’t fit their, usually extreme, agenda or point out that they’re doing a shitty job and they just block you.

    Sadly there’s now accountability whatsoever for these asshats using the platforms for their personal goals, hiding the fact that they suck not to mention pissing on the first amendment and anything resembling a fair democracy.

    Sorry, my rant mode got triggered there.

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    1. No worries, rant away. WP has shown with the last 2 big changes (block editor and new plans) that the casual blogger is of no concern to them any more.
      I’m seriously contemplating blogger again, sigh…

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    1. So, here’s the kicker, you have to pay for the starter plan (60 a year) THEN you have to buy the no-ads addon. I don’t know how much that addon is. OR you can buy the Pro plan, which is 180 a year.

      Either way, you are going to get gouged. Which is why I firmly believe wp has left the casual blogger behind. They’re not interested in them anymore.

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  4. I can predict two up coming situations that you can rage against the corporate machine

    1. When they fully implement full-site editing and force everyone to change to a theme that supports it because the new WordPress core won’t be compatible with old layout 🤔

    2. When they introduce their al carte option plans and they going to make start making us pay for things we never thought of paying like sponsored posts because they will throttle traffic till you pay up….

    3. When they finally scrap the legacy plan and force us to pick between whatever else they are offering + the ala carte nonsense 🤣
    Which is when I am probably going to go fully self-hosted 🧢


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    1. #3 for sure!
      I’ve realized that’s my breaking point for WP.
      #2 I am hoping to avoid by being on a legacy plan.
      #1 will be like the block editor n drive away more casuals. I’ll probably move full time to blogger at that point


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