Adventure on Kami’s Island (One Piece #26) ★★★★☆

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Title: Adventure on Kami’s Island
Series: One Piece #26
Arc: Skypiea #3
Author: Eiichiro Oda
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 208
Words: 9K



“High in the Sky”

“Heaven’s Gate”

“Angel Beach”

“Dial Power”

“Heaven’s Judgment”

“Class-2 Criminals”



“Adventure on Kami’s Island”

“Satori, Vassal of the Forest of no Return”

The Straw Hats successfully reach the cloud harboring Skypiea, and soon after their arrival meet some of its inhabitants: a hostile group of apparently primitive natives, and a friendlier people of the more civilized town of Angel Island. While the rest of Straw Hats mingle with them, learning of the town’s history, and enjoying its unique technology, the ship’s navigator Nami explores the endless sea of clouds. She finds Skypiea, but learns that the Straw Hats have been labeled as trespassers and will be dealt with accordingly. Although able to fend off an initial arrest attempt, their ship, and some of the crew, is taken away by Eneru, the current god of all that lies atop the cloud. Free, but wishing to reunite with their friends, Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp enter Skypiea, Eneru’s domain.

My Thoughts:

Now that the crew are in Skypiea, of course things aren’t easy. First they’re tricked into trespassing, then they’re supposed to be punished and so of course a whole lot of fighting is going to happen. They run into some guy who takes out Luffy, Zoro and Sanji with one punch, and he appears to be some sort of psycho as well, so of course we know he’s going to be prominently featured.

We also get some old guy dressed up in armor and flying around on a polka-dotted pegasus and it’s hinted that he’s the former ruler of Skypiea, so my guess is this story arc will be about the Straw Hats defeating the false ruler and putting the nice ruler back on the throne. Hmmmm, doesn’t that sound familiar?

In a previous review Misaki mentioned that Luffy seemed to like to choose the impossible option whenever it was available and we get a prime example of that in this volume. He’s told there’s a forbidden forest and anyone who goes there will be punished so of course he wants to go there. And what’s funnier, ALL of his friends know what he’s thinking. Check it out:

Remember, this reads right to left.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

14 thoughts on “Adventure on Kami’s Island (One Piece #26) ★★★★☆

    1. That is exactly what they just finished doing in the previous story arc. They removed the EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIL Sir Crocodile and put the legit Princess whinypants Vivi back on the throne.


  1. Hi there ^^

    Uhm, I didn’t thought I would be named in a review of yours… that was surprising ^^”
    But yeah, Luffy is always acting like that and while the crew members getting used to it, it will always be a shock for everyone else xD

    Well, I guess, even if the basic settings seem to be familiar, this arc should have more than enough own plot, so it doesn’t looks repetitive.
    But don’t worry, it will not be this basic setting in every arc ^^

    Calling that guy who attacked them a psycho is… a pretty accurate description, even if you know him better xD

    (Thinking of it, I should maybe soon reread this arc since there was a plottwist recently and some information in Skypia arc might changed their meaning by that… wished I could remember better ^^”)

    ~ Misaki

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you need me to, I can remove the reference to you.

      Thank goodness it won’t be repetitive. That’ll kill a story quick!

      Hahahahaa, good luck. I’m not too worried about trying to remember stuff. I just kind of live in the moment when it comes to the manga (unless I don’t like someone, like Vivi)


      1. No, it’s fine, it doesn’t bother me. It was just so surprising that I had to read the sentence a second time to realize that you are writing about me ^^

        Yes, I know what you mean. It is just too boring if it repeats all the time… I guess, if a series is at this point, it should better end soon.
        So I promise this will not happen in this series so far (but I’m not talking about the fights, for me this all looks the same… but maybe just because I’m not interested in them very much)

        Hm… then I should maybe warn you here. Oda-sensei (and me, by the way) likes to do things like: Oh, do you remember that one sentence at this one page in volume 26? It will be relevant NOW in volume 87. (This is a fictional example)
        But to be fair: In those moments the sentence usually will be repeated again for the reader.
        …but not in the case I’ve got now ^^”

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