WordPress Woes

Just a little rant post to get things out of my system. WordPress has been misbehaving in little areas and it’s really annoying me. I don’t know if it is WP updating in the background (every time something goes wrong it seems like it is because they updated something without fully testing it and so they screw over hundreds of thousands of people all at once) or if it is my browser being updated or some of my plugins.

I use Chrome with adblockplus and Ublock Origin. So far they have played very nicely with WP. Every month or so I do have to clear my chrome cache or wp starts acting funny, but since I prefer to do that anyway as a security precaution, it’s never been an issue.

Recently, nothing I change in the editor has been sticking. When I select the “top tool” option to keep the tools stuck on the top of the post, the next time I enter the editor the toolbar is right back to being on each block. When I open the “category” option on the right, it doesn’t stay open like it used to nor does the “tag” option.

When I write a review, I write everything in OpenOffice and then copy/paste over here. I’ll copy the title and series into the title bar and then copy/paste the star rating after that. Today I am finding that I cannot do multiple copy/pastes into the title bar. If there is something written there and I go to copy/paste, it overwrites what is written there with what I am trying to copy/paste. So I had to copy/paste the title and series into notepad, THEN c/p the star rating into notepad and create one line and THEN c/p that into the title block of WP. That is total BS.

I tried using MS Edge with no addons to see if it was chrome, but the exact same thing happened. Couldn’t copy/paste multiple items. So I shot off an email to WP describing it and telling them to fix it.

I just want WP to work. Instead, they tinker and break things and lie about it to our faces and generally act like nothing is the matter. Little things like this DO matter. It adds up. I shouldn’t be stressing out over a damned hobby. Personally, I hope these issues are because of chrome and the plugins. I can fix those easily enough. But if it is WP, there’s nothing I can do but wait and hope they fix what they broke.

ps, I’m so annoyed I’m seeing red right now….

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        1. The problem is my star rating. I haven’t a clue for the keyboard short cut for that. Plus, that’s a lot of wasted time typing it all out.
          If a simple copy/paste doesn’t work, then I have to seriously question if WP is worth it to me any more.

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    1. And testing.
      I installed Brave with no extensions. Couldn’t copy/paste multiple times into the title block. The second c/p would still overwrite whatever was originally there.
      Tried putting shields down on Brave and it still happened.
      Tried c/p from openoffice to notepad and then c/p multiple times to wordpress. No luck.

      So it seems it is something with either my computer itself or wordpress. sigh….

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        1. The problem is, if you don’t eliminate every other variable, the “happiness engineers” blame you for the problem and say it is your fault. I’ve dealt with them enough to know their MO 😦

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  1. 100 percent believe its WP mate. Its not felt the same since block editor. I use the classic block editor and just have to be happy with that. I dont have time to come back and re edit everything everytime WP thinks they help out yet fuck it all up from the start.

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    1. I wrote an email to WP and an person wrote me back confirming it IS a change in WP. I asked why the change was made and they’re bumping me up the chain.
      At least I am getting answers. We’ll see what happens though.

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  2. I don’t copy paste posts anymore. One time somehow post wasn’t saved in WP and I also couldn’t find my word file either which made me rewrite the whole post. Ever since I write my post in wordpress only and save the draft, so far it has worked well.

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    1. Glad that works for you. I tried it once but then couldn’t copy/paste over to blogger. the block editor code is a massive mess so it was horrible when copied over to blogger. Blogger at least honors everything I do in open office. WordPress USED to honor it too, until they changed to the block editor.

      I just don’t understand why WP is making these changes that only make things more difficult.

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        1. I don’t use the classic block. I use the various blocks and have several reusable ones. Which is why I write in a word processor and copy/paste to both wordpress and blogger.

          The code is inbuilt. Spacing and sizing of images, etc, it doesn’t carry over correctly and ends up making a huge mess.

          Just out of curiosity, can you copy/paste multiple times into the title bar?


            1. It is an issue with the new “update” in the background to WP. It might even be a “feature” according to Ben the Happiness Engineer tech who emailed me this afternoon.

              What a bunch of sycophantic lick spittles…..

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  3. I have the same issue with the Tags and Categories not staying open in the sidebar – using Firefox here. I thought it was just me because WP started acting super wonky after I removed my custom domain from my blog.

    I’m pretty sure that WP reader no longer shows any of my posts to the WP community now, either, no matter what I tag my stuff anymore. So aside from notifying folks who follow the WP announcement blog I’ve left behind, there’s no real reason for me to be using it anymore. Reader was the major draw.

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    1. Yeah, the reader and the notification bar is what has been keeping me here. But if I can’t even do basic copy/paste procedures, that makes WP unusable in my opinion.
      I wrote an email and the guy is bumping me up the chain, so at least I hope to get some answers this week.

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  4. Hmm, ‘nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen’ (in WP)–different from yours, perhaps because I use other tools and methods? I’ve noticed it also does different stuff i I’m in iPad vs a PC. I’ve had a few discussions with tech support–didn’t resolve issues…perhaps next update might help except with the seeing red…I’d decrease your vamp blood intake–too much iron perhaps?

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    1. Yeah, wordpress is definitely getting to me right now.
      Considering that Dix (Film-Authority) has been dealing with comment issues for over a year, I don’t expect this minor issue to be resolved any time soon.


  5. 🤔 My educated guess is that WordPress is messing up on their end and that it has nothing to be with which web browser you use.

    A while ago, I copied the blog post that I had written in a word processing program and pasted it into the Block Editor. What I did was copy the title of the blog post first and then pasted it into the place where the title goes and then I copied the body of my blog post from the word processing program and then pasted it into the place where the body of the post in the Block Editor goes.

    That is something that I do all of the time (And, it always works for me).

    I even published the blog post on my blog after transferring it from a text document.

    Maybe, you can give it another shot; this time, copy the title of the blog post from your Word processing program and paste it into the title section of the Block Editor.

    Then copy the entire body of your blog post from your word processing program and paste it into the place where the body of the post is supposed to go in the Block Editor.

    Hopefully, it should work for you this time around. If it does not work, it would mean that you have a technical issue (Which only the Happiness Engineers can fix).

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    1. Thanks for the comment Renard.
      I wrote WP and they replied back that multiple copy/paste could no longer be done in the title area. When I asked WHY, i was told my request would be bumped up the chain. So I’m hoping to have some answers this week.

      The thing is, copy/paste is such a simple operation that if WP can’t, or as the case is now, WON’T allow it, then I have to question just what is the point of them as a platform. Removing option after option, frustrating their users, well, it’s not the way to run a business.

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    1. I’ve had the emails escalated to an actual code engineer (I think) and he’s asking others if this is supposed to be a feature or a bug.
      In what insane world is not being able to copy/paste multiple items a “feature”?

      I’m this close to being done with WP right now. So I hope they fix to fast too, because I don’t really want to go elsewhere.

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    1. Glad to hear things are going smooth for you.
      If you didn’t get a notification, just double check that you’re still following me. I have found that sometimes WP will unfollow people (whether I”m following them or they’re following me) at random.

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        1. Thanks for the heads up. I was not notified.

          So I just checked the page and it looks like you didn’t put a link to each blogger, which would have notified them. If you link to their about page, that’ll let them know you linked them. and anyone looking through their about page will see your linkback and possibly head over to your blog.


  6. I often find that when I go to select ‘classic’ as a block to write a post (I’ll set up the bare bones of a few posts at once) ‘classic’ has switched places with something else so I auto pilot and click some random option. I think that’s probably an algorithm to try and get me to try something new. Despite my fervent wishes not to

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    1. Now THAT sounds exactly the kind of thing WP would do.
      While I’ve gotten used to the block editor, even that they won’t leave well enough alone. They’re always mucking around under the hood and changing, ie breaking, things and generally making me annoyed with them.

      It is like chinese water torture. No one minds one drop of water. But this constant harassment by WP is really starting to get to me…

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    1. WP has confirmed that it IS a bug with the update they rolled out and the time table to get it fixed will be whenever the next update is rolled out.

      I must admit, I am not a very happy camper right now…

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  7. GAR

    I haven’t tried to copy/paste in a long time because I’ve always had trouble with it. I used to do it paragraph by paragraph, and sometimes one paragraph would end up single-spaced, for example. Now it’s getting to where I mostly just compose in WP. I guess I do occasionally copy/paste from my Goodreads reviews, and I haven’t had trouble with that lately, but I’m not making any promises.

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    1. Yeah, a code monkey got back to me and confirmed it IS a bug in the title block. However, the fix will be in the next update. So who knows when that’ll be!

      I’ve had very little trouble writing in Openoffice and C/P into WP and blogspot. I just don’t like how the WP stuff translates over to blogspot. Plus, I have about 20 different templates in Openoffice for various series/authors.

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