23 thoughts on “Ashes to Ashes – MTG 4th Edition

    1. Correct. That was a character within the framework of the MTG universe (or world, at this time). The story, the characters, was a big part back in the day. But it was just snippets here and there and players had to figure stuff out from the cards.
      If you liked that kind of thing, it was fantastic. Me, I just read the text and was like “ok” 🙂


    1. Those are mana symbols. Land produces mana, which is what powers your spells. There are 5 types of land.
      So this spell would cost 2 swamps and 1 of any kind of mana to cast.

      I can see where you are coming from with that space invader thing. It is remarkably similar isn’t it 😉


  1. Also coincidently Blind Guardian have a song by the same name currently blasting at work🤘🏻. This card hurts you as well as take pesky non artifacts of the table? Cant imagine that would be played a lot, unless you had a good lifesteal deck…

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    1. Nice! The music helping you to power through the day I hope?

      Black uses its own life as just another resource. Many black cards will damage or hurt the caster of the spell. But there are cards that will feed on that, so they synergize pretty good. It’s definitely a different mindset from how I would play (protect my life points at all costs).

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        1. I am doing this alphabetically. So there are a couple more A cards until we hit the B’s.

          MTG is a fighting game, so most cards are going to be about hurting your opponent in some way or other. Mix in the D&D background that this sprang from and yeah, it’s definitely not a happy go lucky “gotta catch’em all” kind of game 😉

          Does that answer your question/s? It’s like 4am here so I’m not exactly a sharp knife at the moment.

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