13 thoughts on “Ashnod’s Battle Gear – MTG 4th Edition

  1. Would now be a good time to complain about the spacing on some of these cards? Everything should be alighed to the left, if it’s to the centre, the gaps look strange. Just sayin’…and the gear itself looks quite impractical for everyday use like going down to co-op…

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    1. It’s deliberate. That way you know what part is the card’s abilities and what part is the lore. But feel free to contact Wizards of the Coast. They retcon cards all the time now.

      It’s definitely not for the weekend warrior (but for the cannon fodder)….

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  2. What’s with the tapping and untapping? Does it mean tap like faucet, or tap as in lightly knock? Or does it mean tap like a device connected to a telephone for listening secretly to someone’s conversations? Or tap like when you draw down on resources? It’s very vague.

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