Pigs and Apples (Groo the Wanderer #9) ★★★✬☆

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Title: Pigs and Apples
Series: Groo the Wanderer #9
Author: Sergio Aragones
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comics
Pages: 23
Words: 2K


The Sage narrates an adventure he and Groo had. There were 2 villages. One held that apples were sacred and not to be eaten and the other held that pigs were sacred and not to be eaten. Groo goes hungry but the Sage tells him a way to get all the food he eats, ie, to incite war between the villages. Groo plays both sides off the other and eats all the apples and pigs he wants. Only to find out that the ban on them both was because they were all poisonous. Everyone gets really sick.

The Sage is lauhing his head off while telling the tale at an inn and has just finished an apple and pork dumpling. The mistress of the inn asks the name of the Sage’s companion in the story and tells them it was “Groo”. She screams “but Groo just sold us all these pigs and apples”. Upon hearing this, everyone in the inn promptly gets sick.

My Thoughts:

Close to the best Groo story so far. I was worried when it started out with the Sage narrating as I don’t like his character, but the story was all about Groo so that was ok.

Of course, I should have seen the ending coming a mile away but since I didn’t it was a hilarious and yet entirely “Groo” ending.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

21 thoughts on “Pigs and Apples (Groo the Wanderer #9) ★★★✬☆

    1. I don’t think these COULD get 5stars, the subject matter itself and the silliness just doesn’t lend itself to what it takes to be 5stars.
      Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the living daylights out of it though 😀
      Just like a mcdonald’s burger can hit the spot but you’d never give it 5stars.


    1. I would try to make some poet joke, but I”m not geared that way. Even The Sage could do better than me. But…..

      Wakizashi woke
      while the puppies cavorted
      Bookstooge killed them all.

      An original haiku by Bookstoogesan….

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              1. Hey, you’ve got me thinking now. This could be the birth of a new weekly post. English Comedy Haikus. We could take it in turns to write the first one, then the other person writes a haiku in reply. BUT I know how busy you are with your blogging…

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                1. It’s an idea. And something I’d seriously consider, next year. Right now, being on the edge of burnout I am going to ease back starting next month until the end of the year.
                  Keep it in mind though and remind me. Or shoot me an email at protonmail and we can discuss things in december.

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                1. I’m interested in how it affects everything else. But yeah, not the actual videos, sorry 😀

                  I think bloggers and vloggers are like second cousins. They know the other exists but have very little interest in finding out about the other. Just like I know almost none of my second cousins (if any at all if I actually think about it)

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                  1. You sum it up nicely. My latest comic review is the new issue of Spider-Man and it’s a rare rant from Wakizashi, well kind of. Quick summary. Marvel decided to release a tie-in issue to an X-Men event that finished 3 months ago. Spidey is a guest in his own comic book. Nothing new was learnt. Bizareness all round!

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                    1. That’s pretty bad. Reminds me of why I’m sticking to old comics. I have found, in general, that any past the Death of Superman era (in terms of dates) relies too heavily on big flashy events and tie-ins rather than good story-telling.

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