The Hotel Bookstooge – Now Open for Business

Back in 2018 I started working on my blog to neaten things up (Site Update). Four and a half years later, I have finished. All 4060 of the books I have read since April of 2000 now each have their own little room in The Hotel Bookstooge. (+/- for omnibus and the occasional stray manga volume I lost track of)

And the best part? They can’t check out NOR can they leave. Mwhaahahahahahaa.

I’d like to thank everyone of you who gets posts emailed to them for putting up with this construction. I know this added up to a LOT of emails over time (and sometimes even within just a couple of days) but you can rest assured, the last beam of lumber has been cut, the final coat of paint has been splashed on the walls and the staff have all been vetted and are ready to cater to my every whim. So please, enjoy!

I would say feel free to wander around and check out the over 4000 rooms, but there is a small cover fee to keep the riffraff out. I’m sure you understand. Oh, and watch out for security. I’ve set them on “kill” instead of “stun” because it’s more fun that way. That way as I watch you on the cameras I can be sure you’re genuinely terrified as you run screaming down the falls, begging for mercy and desperately trying to find the way out. My goodness, I’m already chortling in glee just thinking about it! Sounds like a great time, eh?

And to help you take the first step on your fun filled adventure, just click the following link which will take you to a random page on the blog. And THAT service is on the house! Yes, yes, I know, I’m just too generous.

CLIKCC MEE (or else. jus’ sayin’)

Of course, the only problem is what do I do next? I shall have to give that some serious thought. Cheers!

60 thoughts on “The Hotel Bookstooge – Now Open for Business

  1. I only started to read seriously in 2011 and only 39 books the first year but with 1735 books (according to Goodreads) it looks like we read roughly the same number of books per year.

    I haven’t reviewed all my books though. Far from it. And my reading pace goes up and down. From about 110 to 220 a year the last 10 years except one year when I had some serious health problems.

    You forgot to change the name on that shack of yours though, or maybe the photo is from the previous owner 😂.

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    1. My reading has varied a lot too year by year. When the US economy hit the fan in ’08 and I had to get an overnight security job, my reading went WAY up and while it has coasted back down, I’m still on the 100+ list. I’ve been obsessed with writing since highschool but it took until my time in Bibleschool to really start journaling and even then it took another 3 years for me to translate that to the bookish side of things 😀

      Ohhhh, you caught me. That’s just a fake picture. The real one is about 100 times bigger but I didn’t want to appear ostentatious or like I was bragging, so I used a little old humble hotel to give that quaint and comfy feel to everyone visiting 😉

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    1. Interesting you should ask. I just dedicated the VIP room where such things are right on the walls. crayons are provided to all our VIP users so they can add corrections to any formulae that isn’t correct.

      The cost is pretty steep though. Gotta be a member of the 2K+ Club, very exclusive….

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        1. Well, I’ll give you the Frenchy thing for free, just as a warmup to prove I’m on the level. He’s a eunuch. ‘splains a lot doesn’t it?

          No passes, saver or otherwise. You gotta read that 2k the old fashioned way. No direct to brain downloads, but word by word…

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    1. 22 years in the making, hehehehe! 😀
      It has really been a flipping journey, let me tell you. From little spiral notebooks to monthly lists online to goodreads to booklikes to wordpress.
      It’s like a circus came to town! Thankfully, I think I’ve got the lions tamed, but if you see one running around, well, run quick 😉

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    1. And how many video games have you played and how many tv shows and movies have you watched? I can count the number of both for me on my two hands 😀
      I’ve just chosen to focus on one hobby while you’re spreading the love around, haahahaa.

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  2. I clicked that link and got a review of a Louis Lamour novel – appropriate, as I’ve been meaning to check him out.

    Think that hotel features in ‘Bring ’em Back Alive’? (A tv series that may have been before your time).

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    1. Lamour is good in very small doses. He’s very cliched so once you’ve read a novel or two, you’ve read them all. if you like his stuff a lot, that’s a good thing. But for me it got tiresome so I stopped after I finished up his Sacketts series.

      I will take your word on that hotel. I looked up the imdb page and technically it’s not before my time. But considering we didn’t have a tv then, well….. 😀

      Oh, unless you mean the 4 movie collection with Clyde Beatty? Then yes, well before my time…


  3. I was thinking of the TV series (not sure you missed much, tbh). I’ve actually read very few westerns – Zane Grey and ‘The Virginian’ is about it.

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  4. Congratulations! To quote Gaff from Blade Runner, “You’ve done a man’s job sir!”

    If I could go back in time and give my younger self some advice, I’d tell me to keep a record of every comic I read, every issue of The Beano, Action Force, 2000 AD, Groo, Spidey, Daredevil, etc. I’m really curious what that number would be now. Hindsight, eh? Ah well…

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  5. Oh, no more checking my mail to see dozens of new notifications and then realizing they’re all from my favourite blog? I… can live with that, you write new posts often enough 😉 Congratulations of completing you project!

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    1. Yeaaaaaah, I had one friend unfollow me because I did like100+ one weekend, so I understand your sigh of relief, hahaha.

      I’d like to say that I will write less posts, but the best I can promise is less words, not less posts 🙂

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  6. Congrats on the completion of your project! I really need to clamp down on my ocd urges to do the same because I want everything organized, but I also know I would never have the time for it. I don’t know if I have quite four thousand books completed but even if it’s half that many it would take me a lifetime!

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    1. Thanks Mogsy.
      If it helps, it took me years and years of just plugging away. It’s one of the reasons I just don’t up and leave wordpress for blogger I’ve got too much invested here.

      How long have you been keeping track of what you read?


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