Muppets Now (2020 TV)

After ABC tried to revive the Muppets with the one season show of The Muppets, in 2015, the franchise lay fallow for another 5 years. Once Disney+ got its feet under itself and established itself as a bona fida streaming option. Then they started streaming various Muppet franchise IP’s and tried to re-start the franchise with brand new stuff.

There were only 6 episodes and since they didn’t make a billion dollars within 24hrs Disney decided to drop this show after 1 season as well. Which was too bad, because this show had potential. I had some issues with how the episodes were structured but that was something you expect from a first season.

Once again Miss Piggy is front and center and honestly, it works. She’s dynamic and just the right amount of “diva” to be funny and yet tough and no non-sense. She had a bit every episode where she and Taye Diggs did a lifestyle segment and then another bit where she and Linda Cardellini. do a group zoom chat. Both segments were brilliant.

The next biggest and regular bit was a cook-off between the Swedish Chef and some guest cook. Sadly, the opening to this bit was really long for such a short show (20min show and the opening to the skit is close to a minute) and detracted from the overall humor. They really leaned into the Swedish Chef and his bad attitude when he lost the cook off (every time).

Scooter is the MC and has to upload the show to stream and we see him having troubles every episode. We get little one-off bits throughout and I enjoyed them as well. If more seasons were created, I would definitely watch them. But this being a failure, I suspect the Muppets will go on another hiatus. There is one more movie for me to watch that came out in 2021 and then I’ll be done my Muppet Journey.

16 thoughts on “Muppets Now (2020 TV)

        1. Yeah, me neither. Which is why I’m so hesitant about even watching it. But when a man starts a journey, he’s gotta finish it! I just hope this journey doesn’t end on a whimper…


  1. It’s sad that the reboot was a critical failure, especially with all of the Swedish chef humor. It’s been really interesting to read your reviews of the franchise, The Muppets were a lot of my childhood and I’ve been meaning to revisit it💦 That and Fraggle Rock are classics, but I can kind of see how the Henson sense of humor would be lost on the zoomer generation.

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  2. In our household we were never exposed to a lot of muppets. I think the biggest exposure was from that song which name i cant remember now. Some guy with a high pitched voice that could not get success or something. I was not a big musicals fan even from an early stage so i skipped most of it. We did watch Chrismas Carrols last year though. Was decent.

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