September ’22 Roundup & Rambling

Raw Data:

Novels – 21 ↑

Graphic Novels – 6 ⭤

Average Rating – 3.07 ↓

Pages – 6116 ↑

Words – 1919K ↑

The Bad:

Dead Silence – 1star of totally awesome space horror RUINED by scyenze and romance

Hunting Zero – 1star read that killed this already dead series for me.

The Good:

American Assassin – The ONLY 4star read I had this month. sigh….


Muppets Now, while quite enjoyable, had some serious flaws as an episodic show, in my opinion. There hasn’t been a season 2 yet and I doubt there ever will be.

Miscellaneous Posts:


What a busy, busy month. The only way I got through all the blogging was knowing that October was going to be totally different (more on that in the next section). After August’s R&R and realizing I was on the edge of burnout, I spent this month strategizing. It helped me mentally and emotionally (you try being an introspective introvert who hates people yet still wants to be liked).

Work still continues to be the dominant part of both my and Mrs B’s life. We are both working overtime every week and the holiday season is approaching (Mrs B has already seen Christmas stuff getting readied to be out on the sales floor, boooo!). So Mrs B is only going to get busier and my own work shows ZERO slow down. We’re still running about 2 months behind (so if you call and hire us, we won’t be able to get there for 7-8 weeks) so this winter is probably going to be as busy as ever. I’m tired just thinking about it.

The weather started to change, which was much appreciated. Some mornings it was chilly enough so you could see your breath but the afternoons were still warm enough that t-shirts and shorts were more than enough. With the drought we’re having I don’t know what is going to happen for the foliage. Glad I’m not a leaf peeper.

Utilities are skyrocketing in price. The electrical company instituted a price hike that comes out to about a 50% across the board hike. It’s all in the “service” part of the bill so you can’t even offset it by trying to use less electricity. Once the cold weather hits and we have to turn on the furnace, and the natural gas bills start coming in, well, it’s going to be an expensive winter. Thank goodness I have 3 can of campbell’s chunky soup in reserve!

On the good side of things, Mrs B and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. God has truly blessed us together and we are so thankful He led us to the other. We don’t take it lightly. The stability we provide for each other is priceless.

I’ve also been playing the board game Doom with my brother every 3-6 weeks and that has been a blast. I keep taking pictures of the board and mini’s when we’re playing but my goodness, it is HARD to get even decent pix out of it, much less good ones. I’m going to keep trying though and maybe in the next month or two I’ll have a mini’s update about it.

The Hotel Bookstooge opened up fully for business. That project was probably the biggest one I’ve undertaken in regards to blogging in my whole experience so far. I’m very glad it’s finished and now all I have to do is decide what’s next!

Ended the month being sick with the flu and bronchitis. I was out of work all of last week and this week, while I went back, I was moving like a dead man. I can’t wait until I’m all better.

Plans for Next Month:

I’m still reading up a storm but for October, while I’ll be posting reviews, said reviews will only contain all the data I put in the very beginning. Pretty much going back to my roots of 2000-2001 and how I reviewed books then. That cuts about 90% of the writing so that pressure just isn’t on me. That will have the twofold effect of relieving the pressure and also letting my word well recharge. I won’t even be adding covers. We’re talking straight up text posts. LITTLE text posts too.

Depending on how that goes I might carry that format on for the rest of the year. Once my words get recharged and I keep on doing the minimum for reviews that will allow me to start writing some non-review posts again. It’s been months since I’ve written something based on an idea that popped into my head at 2pm or some such thing. I need the spontaneity back and I can’t do that if all my words go to just reviews. I’m a blogger, not just a book reviewer and it is time to take that aspect back.

I suspect October will be a recovery time for me and not a “hey, look at me blogging about Whatever” kind of month. Lots of tiny review posts. I’m hoping it will also help me to clear my head about blogging in general and using wordpress in particular. I’ll still be commenting away and if you have any questions on any of the reviews, I’ll be glad to answer, in the comments..

34 thoughts on “September ’22 Roundup & Rambling

  1. Congrats to you and Mrs. B!

    Your thoughts re: spontaneity sound great. You don’t want to get in a rut. And that’s the tough thing about book reviewing: you have to spend so much time in prep (that is, reading the darn things).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! (for some reason I keep wanting to call you “Spaz” even though I know there’s a couple more letters in there 🙂 )

      This thing is really lingering. While I feel much better overall, I’m still coughing almost as much as I was on Monday.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Congrats on your anniversary, Bookstooge! So, 2008 was a fateful year for you and Mrs B.!
    Glad you’re over that flu and bronchitis, man, that must’ve sucked. And that full a calendar till Christmas doesn’t sound too great, I hope it will get better for you guys, you definitely deserve a break!
    I’ll miss your wordy reviews, and I very much hope you’ll recharge your depleted word reservoirs, but honestly can’t hold it against you – I’m having somewhat similar problems and will be going a different way, but will get it all out in a post sometime next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ola 🙂 2008 was indeed a fateful year. Got married, had the Great Recession hit, etc, etc.

      The rest of this year is going to be tough, for sure. Just so much going on :-/

      So taking month long break from blogging hasn’t helped you? That is kind of worrying to me. I guess we’ll see what happens.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Umm this wasn’t really a break, and I actually don’t feel I need a break – I still very much enjoy blogging, it’s just there’s so much going on in my life at the moment that I don’t have time for it… I’ll explain in the post next week 😉

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  3. I did not know energy prices were going up in the usa too as well. It´s crazy over here, thousands of euros extra each year. On top of general inflation.

    Anyhow, I hope your new plan works out, I´m pretty sure it will, it´ll give you some rest. Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, energy is getting expensive. With winter coming on, it is going to be rough for a lot of people. Our church is already starting a fund to help any of our members who are going to be struggling this winter.

      I hope it works too. I’m already considering doing it that way until year’s end. I don’t want to feel a little bit better and then burn out again in 2 weeks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, even if midterms changes things, I think it will simply keep things level instead of reversing them.
      We’ve been saving all summer for some other stuff, and I suspect it will get used for utilities.


    1. They are pretty regulated, so they were able to convince the State committee that it was justified. I remain skeptical :-/

      Part of the nonrioting is because the state has doubled their rate for helping lower income homes with this. There’s a lot of money floating around…

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  4. We also just got the notice about the new electricity and gas prices… we will be paying 4 times as much for electricity and 3 times as much for gas. At least it is based on your use tho. We have always been very sparingly with our use anyway (weeeell below average), so its gonna be difficult to use even less 😣
    Congrats on your 14 years!!!!
    Hope you’re having an wonderful October

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, 3 and 4 times as much? And no room to cut? You have my sympathies.

      Thank you. It’s been quite the journey so far 🙂

      I was having an ok October until WP botched up the reader, grrrrrrr…..

      Liked by 1 person

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