On Stranger Tides ★★★✬☆

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Title: On Stranger Tides
Series: ———-
Author: Tim Powers
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 301
Words: 122K

Phewwwww, what a re-read. I read this for the first time back in ’07. Then the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise used it as the basis for the 4th movie.

This time, while I enjoyed it as much as the previous time, the magic used in the story really bothered me. I found the same thing when I read The Stress of Her Regards. The emotional content really hit me in the pit of the stomach. The inclusion of demoniacal beings in league with humans bothered me a lot more than last time too. Being older and seen more since then has made me realize that joking around about spiritual affairs, or trivializing them in fiction, has consequences.

Other than that, this was a cracking good read. I mean, we’re talking about pirates and magic all rolled together. Plus the Fountain of Youth and ghosts that can run you through with a ghost sword. That is just good story telling right there 😀 Add in that the hero’s name is Jack Shandy, he gets the girl in the end AND he kills an immortal Black Beard the Pirate, well, if that doesn’t do it for you then you should probably check your pulse.


38 thoughts on “On Stranger Tides ★★★✬☆

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            12.5, lightning bolt, pi, Q, XX, Starbucks logo, blushing emoji.

            Enter those and we’ll all split the winnings! Let’s go!

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  1. I read a couple of Tim Powers’ books back in the day – think this book is where I stopped? So The Anubis Gates, Dinner at Deviant’s Palace , and The Drawing of the Dark. I read the latter a few years ago and the mc was as likeable as ever, but the story tended to meander along without reaching any sort of climax. The Anubis Gates has a sub-plot about an evil clown(?) who – aside from being completely extraneous to what is otherwise a good story – is a really boring character. Otherwise, I found Powers pretty good.

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    1. I’ve read his Anubis Gates multiple times, but beyond this and The Stress of Her Regard, I never got into his catalog. Overall, I’m happy with that decision.

      I keep hearing about the drawing of the dark, so maybe someday I’ll get around to it, but it’s going to take a recommendation AND some serious “i have nothing to read” on my part (and since my tbr is almost 2 years long, well…..), so I suspect it will be quiiiiiiite a while.


      1. The Drawing of the Dark is interesting as a feat of ventriloquism. The mc is a weary Irish mercenary somewhat past his best who ends up participating in the siege of Vienna. There’s a lot of musing about old battles, ex-girlfriends etc, all very well done – so it’s kind of surprising to discover that Powers was only 27 when he wrote it.

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