My new laptop came yesterday. I wasn’t supposed to get it until almost Christmas but there must have been something in a warehouse somewhere because it showed up about 3 weeks early. I am pretty happy to be on a laptop again and not on my blasted phone! Even two days was two days too many to endure.

I have also made the choice to go dotblog here at Despite my many, many, many, MANY complaints about Automattic as a company, they are the only ones that give me the majority of what I want for a blog. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep on being vituperative towards WordPress but I have realized I don’t have any other place to go and with all the work of the Hotel Bookstooge already done and the ongoing Author Index, well, I think it is time to simply accept I’m stuck here at wordpress. So say hello to If you notice any problems, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Next on the agenda is to change my theme here. I currently use Penscratch 2 and it did what I wanted it to, but when I was looking at my site, I realized people have to do an awful lot of scrolling to get through my posts (sometimes). Then WordPress introduced the Masu theme and I really liked the look of it. The only problem is, it’s one of the FSE themes (full site editor) and I don’t know if I want to mess with all of that. But this month not only have I had changes forced on me but I am actively seeking them out. So I think later this afternoon I’ll be changing my theme as well. Be prepared for a lot of screaming and crying if things go bad.

For right now, that’s enough changes. I suspect there will be more changes by years end, even if I have no idea what they will be. Maybe I’ll buy a red sports car! 😉 hahahahahahaahaa.

46 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

        1. Sadly, in changing themes, I got rid of ALL my sidebar widgets and went I went back to my original theme I still lost them.
          So I’m trying to start over with the Penscratch 2 theme.

          I’ll tackle the FSE theme another week, sigh 😦

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        1. The problem is, I was using a bunch of legacy widgets and I don’t know their block form names. I need the widget of posts I’ve liked, of the people I follow, the people who follow me and a couple more.


  1. Exciting times ahead! Maybe… I am quite jealous of your laptop luxury, as I’ve recently had to use my phone almost constantly. I tried using my work surface pro, but they’ve disabled Java of something, so I can no longer post from that. And my own laptop gave up the ghost a while back. Good luck with the overhaul though, I’m rooting for you 😃

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        1. Thanks!
          I have a feeling it’s going to be like my experience with the block editor all over again. Force myself to use it and experiment until I can use it how I want to. Screaming and complaining the whole time 😉

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          1. When I got back onto WP after being away from a couple of years, and faced off with the block editor, I ran as fast as possible back to the classic editor. If it wasn’t available and I had to use the block thingy, I probably wouldn’t be here! 🤞

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            1. I was the same way until I realized the block editor was here to stay. If it ever goes away, I’ll gladly switch back to the classic. But knowing how to use the block editor is going to be an essential if I want to master the blasted FSE stuff.
              Reminds me of when I was in my mid 20’s and messing around under the hood at blogspot.

              Can you actually still use the classic editor?

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    1. Thanks Aywren. I briefly tangled with the masu theme today but had to give up in defeat. But I think I’ll go start at test site and play around until I understand what’s going on. Another long learning curve ahead of me I guess 🙂

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  2. I absolutely loved my HP laptop. It lasted SO long. (It’s still technically alive but needs a new battery as it dies immediately unless plugged in.) My husband bought me a Dell laptop as an update, and I HATED that thing. He felt bad so upgraded me again, this time to a Lenovo, and I love this one too.

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    1. It did! I was very happy about that 😀

      Well, the changes didn’t go well. The fse theme completely flummoxed me and the switch back wasn’t painless, so I’m trying to fix up my site again with the old theme. I did create a test site though to play around with the masu theme to see if I can eventually master it. That might keep me busy til new years :-/

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    1. Yeah, it’s one of the “newer” extensions. I tried dotcom but when I dropped a couple years ago some scalper picked it up and it hasn’t been available since (well, they’re selling it, but they want like $700 so that’s ridiculous)

      I tried the masu theme and it didn’t work out well. So I’m back to penscratch 2 at the moment.

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  3. I’m curious about the specs of your laptop 💻
    Is it anything like the ones our government wanted to buy for $10k a pop💀 ha!

    I want to try out FSE but it does come with a lot of change and I see from one of the comments you encountered part of those changes where you might lose your widgets and have to manually put them back, I attended one of those WordPress webinar on FSE and they mentioned there’s no direct way to get them back if you try FSE so if you’d have to write down your widgets before trying to switch themes.. just in case.

    I created a local blog on my computer using Local by Flywheel to test out FSE and I rather like the way it handles and will soon be giving my blog a makeover.
    New Season New Look probably for the New Year.


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    1. hp something or other, 32gb ram, 2tb harddrive, 17inch screen, 4 processor cores (or it might be 8, not sure exactly) and haven’t a clue about the videocard.

      Yeah, FSE is not for me right now. I’ve created a test blog to play around with it and cloned this site but so far, after that initial burst of energy, I’ve had zero oomph to actually do anything with it.

      Looking forward to it. Of course, 95% of your stuff I read through the wp reader and so barely see your site anyway 🙂


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