Thanksgiving Pumpkin

Forget pumpkin pie, look at this guy!

Once upon a time, there was a pumpkin. It sat next to a bunch of spider plants that were grown to look like hair on the flower pots shaped like people. I can almost imagine the plants encouraging the lonely pumpkin, saying “I’m rooting for you!”.

This little pumpkin went to the market place AND this little pumpkin went home!

The little pumpkin sat quietly in November and was behaving itself instead of turning bad. It was the only one left on the shelf and I decided to shelter the little guy.

Shank you very much!

Lil Pumpkin sat quietly on the counter for awhile, until I decided it was time to decorate for Thanksgiving. Time to slim up and go under the knife!

Guts and Glory!

The Pumpkin wasn’t very nice and puked up its guts everywhere.

Fits like a glove!

Lil pumpkin was a fighter. It didn’t want to give up, but I liked how it looked and overcame all objections!

You glow, pumpkin!

Thankfully, when the pumpkin was done, I decided it had a beautiful heart. It practically got glowing reviews from me!

In the end, the little pumpkin didn’t quite make it until Thanksgiving before going dark, but it’s still a bright little memory for me!

14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Pumpkin

      1. Or Attack of the Killer Pumpkins.

        They did make a movie called Pumpkinhead that I actually remember being pretty good. Has the classic exchange: “God damn you!” “He already has, son. He already has.”

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    1. Yeah, it’s not immediately obvious this was written by her. I thought about adding [guest post] in the title but it seemed awkward.
      Plus, I don’t get notified of comments like this automatically, so I have to manually keep track. I didn’t realize that when I had her join up as a contributor. Something to know for the future 🙂

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