A Christmas Carol read by Patrick Stewart ★★★★★

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Title: A Christmas Carol read by Patrick Stewart
Author: Charles Dickens
Narrator: Patrick Stewart
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Classic
Length: 1hr and 46min
(Pages: 98)
(Words: 28K)

Last year when I listened to this story narrated by Tim Curry, many of my faithful followers recommended the audio version read by Patrick Stewart. I immediately put it onto my google calendar to help remind myself for this year.

And boy howdy, am I glad I did! I will never listen to another version again and I’ll be hard pressed to even justifying reading it. Stewart does an absolutely PERFECT job here and I was completely impressed.

He also reads at a faster pace than Curry did and takes about half the time, so it’s not a big time commitment. It never felt rushed though and his stage training meant his diction and enunciation were a joy to listen to.

In short, and to end, this is now my definitive and preferred edition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Good stuff!


45 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol read by Patrick Stewart ★★★★★

    1. This one I put on a thumb drive and plugged it into my bluray player. I had some laser eye surgery the other week and so had some time after where I couldn’t do anything, so I sat on the couch and listened to it.
      Normally I just don’t do audiobooks because I don’t have the time….


        1. I pretty much only drive to and from work and that’s only 10min each way. And most other driving has Mrs B in the car, so I want to talk to her instead of listening to some chump drone on.


  1. Have you seen the (I think made for TV) movie version starring him as Scrooge? It’s fantastic! It’s probably the most true to the book of any screen adaptation, and Stewart is perfect. Some of the ghost costuming and special effects are maybe a bit “meh,” but it’s my favorite version (Muppets comes in second and is surprisingly closer to the book that most adaptations).

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    1. When Joelendil recommended this last year, I have to admit I was skeptical. But not anymore!
      His elocution training makes a world of difference. I think i’m spoiled for life now 🙂


  2. Sounds great.
    Our family listened to it while on a road trip many years ago, but I honestly don’t remember who did the narration. My kids were young enough that I was concerned about it holding their attention, meanwhile my husband and I were struck by the poignancy of the content.

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    1. There are certainly a lot of versions out there. I think this one has been around since the 90’s though? I don’t care enough to go look it up 😀

      Hearing it read to me, instead of just reading it myself, brings out so many different things. It’s rather amazing.

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    1. You know, was it you who recommended this version? I was thinking it was Joelendil the whole time but now I’m wondering if I’ve got my bloggers mixed up (which sadly, I do a lot)


      1. I was at least one of those who recommended it, perhaps both of us did. I’m trying to get better about keeping notes at who suggests what, but “trying” is doing a lot of work in this sentence.

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  3. Dickens became a writer I enjoyed in college but looking back I realize I met him as a child, via a Christmas Carol. Except to child me A Christmas Carol (and for that matter It’s a Wonderful Life, another Christmas classic) were horror films as they both unsettled and/or scared the crap out of me. I may have been too young to follow the plot points but the mood and atmosphere, not to mention the imagery, seemed so foreboding. To this day I’ve never read it but the Scrooged version of the film from my time did bring me around on the story’s appeal. Still not sure I could listen to an audio book without all the lights on.

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    1. Most of the movies certainly lean into that aspect, especially with the ghost of Christmas future. Not sure I feel the book actually is that way.

      The Muppets Christmas Carol would be a good introduction if you needed something to ease you into it 🙂


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