Double or Nothing (Bone #15) ★★★☆☆

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Title: Double or Nothing
Series: Bone #15
Author: Jeff Smith
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comics
Pages: 26
Words: 1K

Gran’ma Ben overhears Thorn and Fone talking about their dreams and after scaring the crap out of them, runs off into the woods without explaining anything. They track her down and just as Fone is about to get something from Gran’ma, they realize they’re surrounded by rat creatures. And instead of following through, we immediately switch over to Group Two, which consists of Phoney, Smiley and Lucius the bar owner.

Phoney and Lucius make another bet about how to run the tavern and Lucius gives Phoney a month to prove his claims. I have to admit, it made zero sense to me. Lucius OWNS Phoney and Smiley for several months already due to the cow race fiasco, so what does he gain by gambling again? I suspect Lucius is a prime candidate for Gamblers Anonymous and is the exact kind of person Phoney preys upon with his totally messed up plans.

Reading this story one issue at a time instead of all at once via the One Volume Bone edition is a completely different experience. I know I keep saying this, but forcing myself to just read one issue a month, like how it was released (in some cases, the issues were delayed, so it was even longer between releases) makes me wonder how this survived long enough to get the story told. I am champing at the bit to read more and I can see myself losing interest if Smith just keeps dolling out the info in such small amounts. It is rather frustrating, even knowing the story is already complete and I don’t have to worry about him just stopping the story.


10 thoughts on “Double or Nothing (Bone #15) ★★★☆☆

    1. You know, looking at that little picture, that’s actually a viable option 😀
      I think the reality is that they are supposed to be “general equipment” conveying the idea of supplies or whatever.


    1. Very much an overarching story arc. It is just being doled out in such small doses that it’s hard to see it from the individual issues.
      I can see why these were released in 10 graphic novel formats. You need a big chunk of these all at once to feel like the story is moving.


    1. It helps that I have so much to read. With a tbr of close to 200 now, management is the key for me to stay satisfied, not happy mind you, but satisfied.
      Plus, my sense of time is changing. Taking 5years to do a reading project doesn’t seem that big a deal to me know.

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