A Requiem: Bookstooge, and Silent Smartfood Popcorn, Strike Back!

Near the beginning of October (my goodness, it feels like that was forever ago) I was Banned Again from the wordpress forums for infractions unknown. I of course did not let this deter me from haunting the forums and making smart remarks in my head about both the people asking for help and the supposed staff.

But I couldn’t have endured these cold, cruel months without my good friend and Food of the Gods, Silent Smartfood Popcorn.

Every weekend when my voice was silenced by the tyrannical powers of WordPress (boo! hiss!), Smartfood helped me to go on. He reminded me that he never had a voice to lose in the first place and that I was still his friend. He also had no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives so he was good for me.

I just hope that someday each and every one of you can find a friend like Silent Smartfood Popcorn was to me. While it lasted, he was the best bag of popcorn a guy could want. So long Smartfood, you’ve left your mark on my life. You are not forgotten.
(and neither are your 10,000 cousins still in the grocery stores!)

35 thoughts on “A Requiem: Bookstooge, and Silent Smartfood Popcorn, Strike Back!

  1. Hmm. It may not have any artificial colors or flavors, and they may call it “smart,” but cheese popcorn used to always rate as one of the unhealthiest snacks going. Sounds like they’re making an effort, but it’s not like it’s good for you. It’s not *really* your friend Booky.

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      1. When the mask falls the betrayal will only feel all the worse. Waking up the next morning with your mouth feeling like paste and your stomach growling like a garburator. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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    1. Think maybe that’s a matter of context, though? Here in Ireland, a packet of Manhattan Cheddar Popcorn is 135 calories, whereas a packet of Tayto (ie, chips) is 184. I know, I know: a bag of Tayto is 5g heavier. Still.

      Plus I guess there’s more fibre in popcorn? So if you like your snacks, it’s the healthier option. The issue for me is bits of shell, seed etc getting caught in my teeth/gums.

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      1. Yeah, what you said! Totally healthy 😉

        I am finding out, like in the last 2 years, that that whole hull thing sticking in my gums gets old fast. I always plan on flossing right after reading, because man, it can hurt if it stays there….


    1. I’m not sure what I did that particular time. It was my 2nd or 3rd time getting banned, so by this point I just shrug and wait until I get my forum privileges back 😀

      Most of the time though, it is because I tend to say things about WP and their coders that the staff consider “personal attacks” even though every single word I write is gospel truth.

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    1. Checked my spam folder n nothing, so maybe the internet just ate it?

      So you have never had cheese flavored popcorn? I wonder what you’d think of it. I think it tastes like heaven on earth 🙂
      Of course, I like almost anything with cheddar or cheddar flavoring.


  2. When I read the title, I read it as “smart popcorn that is silent and does not audibly crunch.” I was like, hey, that’s definitely smart! No more annoying loud snackers next to you at the theater! But then I thought, non crunchy popcorn must be stale or soggy! Ew!

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    1. I was trying to riff on the movie “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”. But having never actually seen it, I only had the title to go by 🙂

      And yep, non-crunchy popcorn is nasty stuff…


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