Cat Magic ★★☆☆☆

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Title: Cat Magic
Author: Whitley Strieber & Jonathan Barry
Rating: 2 of 5 Stars
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 353
Words: 134K

Ooooooh boy. * puffs out cheeks *

I’ve never read anything by Strieber before and wanted to give his writings a go. I knew he was horror’ish or real life aliens or something weird, so I thought I was prepared. I had no idea.

I saw the subtitle for this book on a later edition and it was “A Tale of Modern Witchcraft”. I really wish I had seen that before deciding to start with this book. I guess if I could sum up this book I’d go with “sexual orgies while children watch and the only sin is Guilt itself”. Ughhh. There was a lot of theological ideas put forth that I really had to disagree with. Not in an angry way but more in a “are you serious?” way.

While I have a bunch of Strieber’s books on tap, I think I’m going to try his Omega Point duology next. It’s about aliens somehow. If he puts forth more bad theology though, I’ll be done with him. I have no idea who this Barry fellow is or what part he played in writing the story. I wonder if he did the heavy lifting though.

Overall, this was not a good first impression and I certainly won’t be recommending Strieber even if his later books improve.


28 thoughts on “Cat Magic ★★☆☆☆

    1. As council for the defense, I’d like to have that comment stricken from the record as it was about a movie, which has zero bearing on this case of a book.

      How in the world did you remember that? We didn’t even get into a good ol’ back and forth on it back then.

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        1. I’m the Judge, Jury AND Executioner here. When would you like to be drawn and quartered, beheaded and then hung until dead? Before or after lunch?

          and I thought you UK people did the wig thing, not the black hats?

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            1. You have no standing in this case, you ragged loon! Aye aye Captain!

              The court rises.

              The court sits.

              The court rises again.

              Bokestodge is found guilty of feigning ignorance about the author Whitley Streiber and is sentenced to life or death, whichever comes first. The court adjourns for nibbles.

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              1. Yeah, you tell’em! Those canadians….

                I’d say sentenced to life is cruel and unusual punishment. Our constitution forbids that, or something. So I think I’m owed a billion dollars so I can have a cushy life…

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