The Christmas Present – Intro

In my December R&R post, I made mention of a gift for Mrs B that took some time to create. It was small book, about 20 pages or less where I told a fable’ized version of our initial meeting and what came after. I commissioned some art work for it and with some help used Snapfish to put it all together.

With it being so many pages, I have decided to post a page or four each Saturday until I’ve put it all up. I won’t be able to use the gothic font or marble’ized background, and I’ll be changing the names, but other than that….. hahahaaa. I even tried to see if I could go back into Snapfish and download it as a series of images, but no cigar. Since I ordered it, they won’t let me edit it or work on it.

I thought about taking pictures of it all, but since it has our real names and real names of some of our friends, well, that’s just not an option either. Sometimes it is tough to be paranoid ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am hoping to have this all posted by the end of February.


22 thoughts on “The Christmas Present – Intro

    1. I was talking with Mrs B this weekend and we’re going to take pictures of it and then either redact or insert pseudonyms. It will be a little bit of work, but not much.


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