Author Index: Update

Back in November I began to work on my Author Index Project for the blog. I started out haphazardly but then decided to be a bit more organized about it. I started at Z and have been steadily working my way backwards. Once I finish I’ll go through and add all the new authors I’ve read since then and then try to update it on a monthly basis.


I am finished with up to the M’s. What a chore! 79 authors with the last name starting with “M”. And only about half of them had their names as tags so I had a bleeding lot of work to do. The only other letter with more authors is “B” at 87. I am not looking forward to that already :-/

But rejoice with me. Things like this make me happy 😀

31 thoughts on “Author Index: Update

          1. Yeah, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that there just isn’t all that big an audience for reviews of vintage docs on BBC disc jockeys or marmalade cats. Without us, he’s probably talking double digits. I mean, I want him to keep going.

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            1. I’ll keep going over to your house to boot both of you malcontents up and down your gardens like the fey dog that you are, Bunties! And YOU both asked for cats, so don’t blame me for the content choices! Pizza gravel cancelled for both of you until you respect the breadwinner here! I’m out there doing my best to win bread, and there are precious few competitions!

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              1. I certainly never asked for The Amazing Maurice. That’s all on you. But we’ll all cop to The Aristocats.

                Are we talking crazy bread or just regular garlic bread? When are you stopping by? Dress warmly as it’s chilly over here today.

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                    1. No can do. I wanted rockstars, not composers.
                      Sorry Eddie, but this “respect on other blogs” isn’t starting so well. I’m afraid I’m going to have keep joshing you on your blog and make fun of the movies you review.

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    1. It will be updated on a monthly basis once it gets completed. And since it’s built into the structure of my site, it will be available as long as the site itself is.
      and since I’m going for a two year agreement with WP (saving me a bit) when my renewal rolls around, that should be good for a bit 🙂

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  1. I just did some end of year documents at my parish and was astonished at how many surnames there are that start with A. I would just sit there and watch the database compiling and realize I wasn’t even at B yet.

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    1. Thanks! 😀
      I have found that if I don’t have some blog related project, I just read more, which means I have to review more and I’ve really about had enough of that 😀


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