The Hastur Cycle (The King in Yellow Anthology #6) ★★★✬☆

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Title: The Hastur Cycle
Series: The King in Yellow Anthology #6
Editor: Robert Price
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Cosmic Horror
Pages: 329
Words: 139K

Price appears to be a HP Lovecraft and Cthulhu buff and one of those bores who will kill a party quick as spit by telling you the historical importance of the works of HPL and why it matters. HPL did enfold some of the King in Yellow mythology into his works and thus, Price splits this book into stories directly about the King in Yellow and the rest are about Cthulhu with some of the KIY mythology names tacked on.

They were still good stories and I enjoyed them, but I wanted All the King in Yellow, All the time and I didn’t get that. So I waffled between giving this 3 or 4 stars and ended up coming down in the middle because my disappointment was perfectly balanced with my overall enjoyment.

This definitely felt puffed. Price includes a full story from both Chambers (who wrote The King in Yellow) and Lovecraft (who wrote Cthulhu) and while I appreciated that as it helped tie down the other stories by reminding us of why they were included. Saying a “random” name once in your story appeared to be enough to be included, so knowing how that “random” name actually tied into the mythology was good. But it didn’t take away from the fact that Price was including copyright/royalty free stories to pad the page and word count. Instead, I wanted all new stories and I didn’t get that.

Overall, between the “feels like padding” stories and the fact that this wasn’t strictly a KIY collection, I had to ding it. As a cosmic horror collection, I think it’s pretty good though. So there’s your mixed message for the day 🙂


16 thoughts on “The Hastur Cycle (The King in Yellow Anthology #6) ★★★✬☆

    1. In the KiY mythology, I believe Hastur is a form of the King in Yellow. In lovecraft’s mythos, it’s one of the elder gods.

      Yeah, I’m actually not going to work today because of the cold and windchill. It’s 18 and with the windchill feels like 2 and it’s only getting colder as the day goes on. I think at noon it is supposed to be 9 with a windchill of -9. So we’d have ended up sitting in the van most of the day not getting any work done, so the VP called it…

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        1. More like catch up on the 8 books I still need to review! It is amazing sometimes how easy it is to let what seems like 2 days go without writing a review and then bammo, I’ve got 8 stacked up and waiting.
          Plus, Mrs B is going to try to go work for 1/2day since she’s feeling better so I’ll probably watch Fringe at the same time.

          Are you staying inside? Painting up those miniature bin collectables?

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    1. I know what you mean, because it has happened with a lot of the KiY stuff too. What comes after is sometimes much better.

      I didn’t feel the HPL side here was that good. But I’m certainly biased because I wanted KiY stuff…

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  1. Yeh, it’s frustrating to have other stories recollected in other authors’ work… Like you, I’d probably be happy to be able to contextualize everything again but if there aren’t more “new” AND “satisfying” stories, I’d be annoyed. Do you ever think you’ll eventually pick a really good KiY spin-off? 😮

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    1. I hope I do find some more good KiY stuff. But with only a few more books and stories left, I’m not super hopeful. I’ll probably have to read the 4star+ stuff I’ve already read if I want “the good stuff” 🙂

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