PCP: The Meeting

The Meeting

There’s obviously waaaaaaaay more to our meeting than that, as we had met randomly on Xanga (a now defunct blogging platform) and our shared interest in a Saturday Sabbath led us to email and become friends. Still in the days of dial up so things went much slower. We never thought we’d have a chance to meet because of being on opposite sides of the US, but when the wedding of my friend “Stamps” occurred, we decided to meet in real life. I was with my group of Bibleschool Graduate friends and she was with her brother, so everyone was safe. It was almost literally love at first sight, but even that was tempered by the several years we had had of getting to know each other as friends. We had a rock solid foundation too, as we were both very dedicated Christians. So we began courting.

What came next? Well, I guess you’ll have to come back next Saturday for …..
* cue dramatic music *

The Land of Water and Fire!

19 thoughts on “PCP: The Meeting

    1. It sounds like your device is displaying the picture in it’s original size (it’s huge, like 3000x6000px, I think), so that might be the issue. I’ll down scale them in the next post.
      What device are you using to view the post?

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    1. Nobody says I’m grumpy. Who is saying I’m grumpy? Point that person out to me so I can chop their head off! I’ll show them. I’m sweetness and light, all the time!!!!


    1. Oh, the dance was baaaaaad. I’ve seen nervous middleschooler do better than we did, hahahahaha 😀

      I want to get this all out before details get hazy. I was pretty happy back then and so my journaling during this time is pretty sparse. I don’t know what details I put down or left out, so want a definitive account.

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    1. Yeah, xanga was definitely a college thing. I tried to go back to it, but apparently it was bought by some russian company, who tried to monetize it and it failed and now there is no accessing our old accounts.
      Yeah, my brother-in-law is very finicky and if things aren’t “just so”, tends to get pouty about it. And since this is real life, well……


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