The Quarry (Groo the Wanderer #14) ★★★✬☆

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Title: The Quarry
Series: Groo the Wanderer #14
Author: Sergio Aragones
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comics
Pages: 23
Words: 2K

Groo gets lost in the desert, passes by an oasis of comely babes and ends up working in a quarry. Where he does everything wrong, everything. He pushes when he’s supposed to be pulling. He threatens the slaves with his sword. He gets crushed by a massive stone block. He ties up the ship wrong so it floats away and crashes and sinks. Eventually, he destroys a massive edifice to the local king and runs away. Of course, the destruction revealed a cave of jewels that was enough for the local folks to all buy their freedom.

Despite Groo’s inability to do anything correctly, Aragones has the knack of giving us that twist right at the end. It is almost always there and it is impossible to predict. I love that! It’s like a tragic comedy version of the Twilight Zone, except Groo is the butt every time, hahahahaa.

This comic is keeping me entertained, every time. Unlike certain Mutant Turtles, I haven’t had a bad experience yet. They’re not all top notch, but not a one where I question if I should continue or not. I guess Aragones and I have a shared sense of the ridiculous 😀


16 thoughts on “The Quarry (Groo the Wanderer #14) ★★★✬☆

      1. Yes. 🙂 And being (slightly) serious for a moment, whenever I used to get a new issue of Groo, I was guarranteed to have fun reading it. I never got frustrated with how the character was being written or drawn. Simple silly fun. You know exactly what you are getting with Aragones & Evanier.

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    1. I keep waffling about the summaries. I’d like to just so when I’m feeble of mind I can remember what the book is about without having to read the whole thing, but right now, it’s just too much writing for me. With posting every day, I only have so many words I can give without drying up and doing the synopsis definitely dried me out last year.

      so the short answer is a definite maybe 😉
      I’m sure I will once I get back to a better place in life but right now isn’t that time.

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        1. Yeah, I’m still trying to find the perfect balance in a review so I can remember what the book was about in 10 years without using up all my words in just the synopsis. The end of last year showed me that I couldn’t write up a 1000 word reviews all the time. So right now I’m sticking to 400-500 words and I’m trying to talk about enough of the story to remind me what it’s about.
          With all that has gone in January I can’t tell if it’s working or not, because everything with Mrs B just threw me for a loop. So I figure I’m going to need until June to really find the right balance…

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