PCP: The Land of Fire & Water

After I had gotten permission to court Mrs B (Miss Librarian at the time), we decided it was time for her family to meet me. So we all (Mr and Mrs Parental Pod, Sir Grumpy, Miss Librarian and me) went to Hawaii for a week. The incident described above really happened. Mrs Parental Pod was driving us and I had nervous energy from being on the plane and me and my friends had always played the points game. Basically, you would describe how you would/could hit a pedestrian or bicyclist and we made up rules about how many points. Old ladies were worth the most but if you could convince everyone else in the car that you could make a bicyclist bounce or even double hit them (car doors were very popular in the game), you could get triple points, thus increasing your score very quickly. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a dark sense of humor, well, the game cross across as very macabre at best and downright psychopathic at worst. It was probably one of the worst blunders I made in our relationship and it had barely begun.

But it was Hawaii. So between the sunshine and everything, it was ok. We went traveling every day and packed in a lot of sight seeing. We visited the Polynesian Cultural Center one day and that is what the title is based on. They had these big man-made waterfalls with tiki torches all along them so you had fire and water all together and it was beautiful. I took a ukulele lesson and Miss Librarian sang “You are my Sunshine” while I bravely tried to accompany her on said ukulele. We visited Pearl Harbor, some beaches and the Dole Plantation. We also visited Admiral and Mrs Stamps, which was great. Admiral Stamps had been a freshman during my senior bibleschool year and we had a good bond. Throw in that Miss Librarian and I had met at their wedding and well, they had a lot of gratitude from us.

And that is our little adventure in the Land of Fire and Water. Stay tuned when we return next week with a life changing visit to The Libraricus!

27 thoughts on “PCP: The Land of Fire & Water

  1. Weird. Had dinner yesterday with someone who just got back from Hawaii and was telling me all about it. Said it was a very expensive place, even for things like fast food.

    Best not to lead with the edgy stuff like running over pedestrians. Gotta wait until they know how to read you.

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    1. Everything has to be imported, so yeah, it’s expensive. Plus, the volcanoes? I don’t think I’d want to live there.

      One of those things I really wish I could have a “do over” on, that’s for sure 🙂

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        1. And having watched it years later, I can say that nobody in my parents generation would have watched it when it came out either. So I don’t know where we got it from.
          Maybe it’s just built into us? 😀

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    1. It’s actually a good thing her Parental Pods were there. I don’t like new places or situations and Mrs B is directionally challenged, so we’d have gotten lost or fallen in a volcano or something 😉
      My mother-in-law is a very take charge person (she’s a nurse) and everyone was pretty much happy to just let her dictate. Because it meant we didn’t have to think AND things got done (which I whole heartedly approve of).

      So other people play car murder too? That makes me feel much better, hahahaha 😀

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  2. So you a married a librarian? I bet the home library is very well organized. I married someone who merely worked in a library once — and I’m still occasionally called on for my inadvertent misalphabetizations.

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    1. No, she had her english degree and was thinking of getting her masters in library sciences, but the crash of ’08 put paid to more schooling for about 7 years and by the time we’d recovered, she’d decided not to go back to school.
      Both of us had worked in libraries growing up and she did it as work during college though 🙂

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  3. At Christmas Time, Mrs. Chess and I will play a game while driving where we are on the lookout for Christmas trees on top of cars, and red noses and antlers on the grills. We keep score as to who spots these first, but since I do most of the driving she usually wins each year. Playing your home version of Death Race 2000 was a bold choice for this encounter, and you should be recognized for such a daring decision.😀

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    1. I like to think it just shows my general bon homie towards people I don’t really know (obviously NOT the bicyclists or runners, but my future inlaws). Thankfully, I had enough other good things about me that it was all soon forgotten 😀

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