PCP: The Libraricus

The church I was attending at the time celebrated the 3 major feasts that are written about in the Old Testament in the Bible. It was a time to gather together, meet old friends, go to meetings (and boy howdy, there were a lot of meetings), and meet new friends. It was also one of the best times to introduce someone, as the grapevine was pretty alive. So everybody who knew me got to meet Miss Library. It really was obvious we were in love and that marriage was inevitable, but I was so introspective (too much so and still am) that I “wasn’t sure”. It really took me awhile to realize just how in love I was with her.

I was a library regular. Every weekend I’d go to the library and load up on books to read for the week. One of my big fears was running out of books to read during the week, so I always took a big stack. I became a familiar and knew the librarians and got to know the Head Librarian. So it wasn’t a big stretch to get them to open the Wadlicus up one Sunday afternoon so I could “show” Miss Library the library and spring the proposal. She tells me she had no idea. I believe her because she’s very similar to me in the subtlety regards, ie, we’re as subtle as hammers. But it was perfect. We both loved books and what could be more fitting than a proposal in a whole building dedicated to books?

Stay tuned for next week’s post-wedding adventure in… The Land of Snow and Ice!

23 thoughts on “PCP: The Libraricus

    1. Unfortunately, I was only able to commission 4 pieces of artwork for this little present, so a whole book would be outside my price range 😀

      PG, that’s why it’s post-wedding. I skip that altogether and move to our first year as a married couple.

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    1. Thanks Fraggle. It was what meant the most to us 🙂

      It’s the fake name of the Library. The real name is similar, so I just kind of changed it to match the Libraricus spelling to keep it thematically linked 😀

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    1. My Warhammer 40K reading hasn’t gone to waste then, hahahahahaa 😀

      With my acceptance and adaptation to ebooks, our library days quickly passed into the history books. I used to feel kind of guilty but I’ve realized that was a specific stage in life and now I’m in a completely different stage…

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  1. Getting your personal friend the head librarian to open the library specially for you is a power move. Combined with the smell of books – a well known aphrodisiac – that made for a proposal that no sane woman could resist.

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  2. Well, given the main interest of your blogging audience, a proposal in the library sounds just perfect – and even romantic! (I can’t believe I just used that word….) 😀
    And as an aside, your mention about stacking. up on library books brought me back to the time when I regularly visited my local library and always came out with the max personal allotment of volumes…

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