February ’23 Roundup & Ramblings

Raw Data:

Novels 14 ↑

Short Stories 2 ↑

Manga/Graphic Novels 2 ⭤

Comics 5 ↑

Average Rating 3.30 ↑

Pages 4084 ↑

Words 1309K ↑

The Bad:

Titus Andronicus – 1.5stars that Shakespeare should have been ashamed to write

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #14 – 1.5stars of utter lack of story telling skills

The Good:

Anubis Gates – 5stars of re-read magical goodness

Fullmetal Alchemist #2 – 4stars of manga doing what manga does best

Miscellaneous Posts:


Unfortunately, February was not much of an improvement over January. No ER visits and Mrs B is feeling ok, at the moment, but that could change at a moment’s notice and so we’re pretty much living on tenterhooks and taking life one day at a time.

Weatherwise, February was fantastic. Made work a real treat but the end of the month showed that March is probably going to be a brutal winter lion month instead of a gentle lamb spring month. Ahh well. Winter is here 😦

Plans for Next Month:

I’m going to start watching the Shrek franchise for my movies so I’ll be doing one a month for a bit.

There will be double posts every Monday and Thursday’s. Just wanted to give you the heads up. I know I’ve been posting a lot and it looks to be continuing for March. Wednesdays will be all manga, as I’m ready to start reading more each month of both One Piece and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Hoping to do several posts about journaling too. I’ve got 5 posts in mind about journaling, so as long as I can get my butt in gear and get them written, that will take up Saturdays and be some of the double posting I am planning on do on the weekdays.

And start the buddy read with Dave for the comic “Web of Spiderman“.

Goodness, it sounds like a lot when I type it all out like that. But really, if I wasn’t planning those things, I’d be planning something else. I’m just an inveterate planner, for good or bad, so I just roll with it until I burn out and then I plan my convalescence 😀

30 thoughts on “February ’23 Roundup & Ramblings

          1. Its more waiting for days on an answer. The took skin samples from me in november, i waited till Jan for an answer when they reffered me to a “specialist”. Said specailist saw me for 5 mins only to tell me he needed to ask for the november samples from the other hospital as well as letting me do blood samples.which would take 2 weeks, after that they were going into meetings and id hear back from them. I did hear back only the discussion was around my blood results and not treatment. If hadnt called them last friday i wouldve still been waiting…

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    1. There are 4 films and a christmas special.
      I put off watching the first one for the longest time. It’s crass and that turned me off. But now that I’ve gotten over that, I just laugh my head off 😀


  1. March sounds good to me. Hopefully, things improve on personal and health levels. I had recently watched the first Shrek and wanted to keep going with the rest of the franchise too. I was mostly motivated to do so to watch the new Puss in Boots movie, The Last Wish, which looks and sounds fantastic!! Do you plan on checking out the cat’s movies too?

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    1. Thanks.
      I watched the first Puss N Boots and hated it. So I’m planning on avoiding the second one. I read Film Authority’s review on it and nothing in his review was enough to overcome my distaste of the first one. So I’m going to just stick to the 4 Shrek films…

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  2. I been eyeing Fullmetal Alchemist bind up of vols. 1-3 but I’m going to hold off on it. There a big used book sale in DC I never been to before. It might have manga and graphic novels.

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  3. Over here, spring has sprung a month early. The trees in my neighborhood are sprouting already and I just hope we won’t get one more surprise late winter storm. My kids and I also just started watching the Shrek movies, but they went straight from the first one to Puss in Boots.

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