25 thoughts on “Brass Man – MTG 4th Edition

  1. Looks like the tin man got an upgrade… How would you use this card tho? You played from your hand he comes to the battlefield tapped already then you have to use manna to untap him only in your next turn? And attacking with him would work the same way?

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    1. Thankfully, he doesn’t come into play tapped.
      But everything else you describe is correct. Because he only costs one generic mana, he is a great choice for defense. I think that is mainly how he was used…

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      1. I think I liked his landscape cards a lot, as I recall.

        So I think Secret Invasion refers to the Marvel event of a few years back… not the upcoming film stuff, but the events in the comics? I see that a lot of it is old school content, so I think it’s a get -you-up-to-speed on the Skrulls thing for those not super versed in them…

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        1. Yeah, Marvel comics screws us over. There was an event called Secret Wars back in the early 80’s. Then another one called Secret War back in the early ’00 and this Secret Invasion appears to be a sequel to that 2004 one.
          Sigh, can’t be simple, can it? 🙂


  2. Reminds me of this old British saying: “It is cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.” I thought it had something to do with cannonballs on old warships but apparently that is a myth.

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