Frederick Douglass – Freedom to Journal the 18th

Holy smokes, my journaling has taken off like a rocketship. I took a year to fill up my 15th journal, 8-9 months to fill up the 16th and a mere 4 months (technically a week less) for the 17th. Thankfully, Mrs B saw my increased usage and took the preventative action of buying me a backup for Christmas. And I started it today.

I love my journals. Just in case you couldn’t tell 😀

And next week? I’ve got more journals. Paperblanks had a sale and I was weak. I crave your forgiveness ahead of time, gomen nasai!

18 thoughts on “Frederick Douglass – Freedom to Journal the 18th

    1. Best buds.
      Used to throw back a couple of cold ones and write treatises after a hard day’s work.

      He sat on our balcony for this one. I edited the balcony out though, for esthetics you understand.


        1. 3 week minimum! I used to be 5 weeks out, but iwth everything going on with Mrs B since January, I’m back to 3. It seems to be about the right time frame for me too.


      1. I´d say more honest/open is beter from the perspective of what journaling is, if you get what I mean. Does it also help to gain more self-understanding if you put more of your head into words on a page?

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