Conan the Unconquered (Conan the Barbarian) ★★★✬☆

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Title: Conan the Unconquered
Series: Conan the Barbarian
Author: Robert Jordan
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 207
Words: 72K

From Wikipedia:

An evil sorcerer Jhandar wishes to raise an army of undead slaves, and his meddling with chaos brings him into conflict with Conan, who must battle his deadly ninja henchmen who can kill with a touch, and retrieve a weapon from a dent in reality created by the sorcerer’s earlier botched experiments. A whirlwind of adventure ensures.

Conan sleeps with all the wimenz and killz all the sorcererz (but there is only one). So he can haz a cheezeburger now. I’ve gone ahead and injected it with penicillin though because you don’t sleep around that much without catching an std after all.

All silliness aside, this was a good jaunt as Conan fights another sorcerer and goes to a blasted land and fights some nefarious creature there too. Secret Kung-Fu masters are involved but Conan doesn’t care and stabs them to death. Take that Morpheus! I enjoyed this just a bit more than the two previous Conan stories by Jordan and I think that is because of the lack of women main characters in this story. In a sword and sorcery story, I want the hero, his sidekick/s, the babes and the badguy/s. And that is exactly what I got this time around.

While I don’t want a book diet exclusively composed of this pulp, having it on a regular basis means I don’t crave it. It also allows me to appreciate the finer works that I read when I do read them. Like Groo the Wanderer! Hahahahahahaha 😉


20 thoughts on “Conan the Unconquered (Conan the Barbarian) ★★★✬☆

    1. Yes Eddie, that is you on the cover. But that is your dog Fufu cowering on the floor. You threatened to neuter him with your big sword and he didn’t like that idea.


      1. Well DeCamp and Lin Carter edited some of REH’s stories and whatnot, which back then (60’s/70’s) wasn’t TOO big a deal because Conan was just getting attention (Frank frazetta didn’t hurt) so they arguably helped bring him into the spotlight- but nowadays a lot of fans and REH purists hate the changes DeCamp et al made. I’m somewhere in the middle- I grew up with hose editions so I’m biased via nostalgia lol.

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  1. Hahahah it is indeed nice to check out a series like this just to relativize every other “better” books out there you’ll be picking up.

    P.S. So random but I accidentally went to bookstooge dot com, I still am not sure how I ended up there, but I was so shocked by the randomness of the content on there that I thought your blog was gone for half a second. 😛

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    1. Gotta keep things in perspective, right?

      Funny story about So when I bought that domain a couple of years ago, I had so many problems with wp having people unfollow me and me unfollow other people that I gave it up and went back to the free dotwordpress version. So, so some jackass company from the philippines bought and tried to sell it for about 3-5 grand. I watched the price going down and it stabilized around 600 and it just wouldn’t go lower. So I went dotblog. Then apparently they sold it and some german clothing place bought it. Why? I suspect a scam. Because who is going to seriously try to sell clothes on a site named Bookstooge? Scam or a site hoping to make money by ads. It’s pretty funny, because besides the defunct college book app on facebook, I am the only bookstooge out there.

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