The Pusher (87th Precinct) ★★★✬☆

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Title: The Pusher
Series: 87th Precinct
Author: Ed McBain
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Crime Fiction
Pages: 111
Words: 50K


A pusher is killed and it is made to look like a suicide. But it is all a setup to frame the son of the Lt. Of the 87th Precinct. The son is a junkie and the Lt locks him in his room while he goes through withdrawals. Meanwhile, the detectives track down the guy who is trying to blackmail the Lt, and who has also killed several other people.

Oooph, another gritty entry. I’m beginning to think that Darren, in leaving his comment on The Mugger, might have been correct. There is nothing suave here. This is heroin overdoses and whores being beaten to death and families being torn apart by drugs and cops almost dying from being shot at point blank range.

But at the same time, I was hooked. I think I read this in one sitting. It helps that it is so short. I guess people in the 60’s actually worked and got things done, so any entertainment had to slot in wherever it could. Of course, all those hippies went and ruined everything and that is why I am cursed today to be sitting on my couch, eating pizza while enjoying doing nothing. My goodness, my life is so brutal!

While not being disturbingly graphic, McBain doesn’t sugarcoat a thing. It makes me wonder about the people for whom stories like this aren’t fictional at all, but every day life. It also makes me wonder (again) if this is a series I want to continue. I think I’m going to have to take this a book at a time and maybe space them out a bit more. I think I have a total of 5 of these on my kindle right now. Once I’m done with them, I’ll read some other series for a bit and decide if I want to come back.

But the attraction of a short, tight story is undeniable.


17 thoughts on “The Pusher (87th Precinct) ★★★✬☆

  1. I too somehow find my way to enjoying being on the sofa, eating pizza, and doing nothing. It is a brutal existence, but I make the best of it when those situations present themselves. If cops are almost dying from shots at point blank range, it sounds like the shooters might be lacking in expertise?

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    1. Bruce, you are an inspiration to us all! You have my endorsement for Pizza President.

      I think the cop was shot with a 38. It’s amazing what a body can survive. It’s also the reason why bigger calibers exist, like the 45. I’ll stick to my 9mm though, and just keep shooting until I run out of ammo 😀

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  2. Yeah back then thery wrote a story and it wasn’t 300 pages. I’ve hear of this author but never read ’em. Kinda like the Executioner books- love the covers but have I actually ever read one?

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    1. You should read the Executioner. Those are some good action books! Since I read them a decade ago, they still stand out as the epitome of Men’s Action books…


  3. As far as I remember it, this is a gritty series, showing the reality of day-to-day life in a big city (I guess that New York is the template for the fictional city in the series). It might not be a totally pleasant experience, but my fond memories of this series mean that the darkness was well balanced with humor and some explorations of the human condition.

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    1. I will alternate between the couch n bed every 2-3hrs. On the weekends the only breaks are to blog on Saturdays and do laundry on Sunday. Usually not in one position for more than 2hrs though.
      I try to stay hydrated 😉

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