Book of Joe (Forgotten Ruin #5) ★✬☆☆☆

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Title: Book of Joe
Series: Forgotten Ruin #5
Author: Jason Anspach & Nick Cole
Rating: 1.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Military Fantasy
Pages: 211
Words: 75K

This is a book ALL about Talker and how he survived and helped Joe.

What. The. Feth.

I am now done with this series. Don’t care how cool the story is, because it is always in the background and I hate Talker. I hate him for hogging the book. I hate him for whining about how he’s not good enough to be a “real” Rangeroo. I hate him for writing about coffee instead of what’s going on. I hate him for describing a ruin for 2 pages while a massive battle gets 3 paragraphs.

So I am done.

Nick Cole has a duology that I’m going to try out next. I need a cool down from Team Anspach/Cole.


30 thoughts on “Book of Joe (Forgotten Ruin #5) ★✬☆☆☆

        1. It might. I know it will put all the chinese chapter writer hacks straight out of business, that’s for sure.
          I know most of the stuff that is “independent” on amazon will be replaced too.


    1. Yes, he jumped into a river/vortex thingy at the end of the last book, so I was hoping he was DEAD. Phhhhht, I should have known better.

      Yet another Anspach/Cole series that doesn’t work for me. That’s too bad 😦

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    1. Ahhhh, autocorrect in the rain. Yes, that IS how the AI will win the species war.

      I believe it. Wait a second, I thought your cat’s name was Mr Snuggles, or Shedley or something? Are you making this cat up?


              1. Riders may have a cat named Joe. Or maybe just a picture of a cat named Joe. Not sure. Eddie has a called called Callum that sleeps in a colander and that he adopted from a cold caller in Kilmarnock (cold meaning he was out in the rain).

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