27 thoughts on “Channel – MTG 4th Edition

  1. I was recently in National Museum in Prague and there was a series of rooms arranged to show how people lived in the past… from late XIX century to… the 90-ties! The Czechs put my childhood in museum, bastards, and exhibition included M:tG cards, 5th ed I think… I’m old 😦

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    1. Hahahahaa! I love it.
      Well, I hope it learned you your lesson, ie, don’t get old. If people would just stop doing that one thing…..

      I do find it interesting that they put in mtg cards. I didn’t think they were very big in the 90’s. Of course, without the internet, nobody would know even if it was :-/

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      1. Maybe the curator played them and had some on hand ;⁠-⁠) There was also an early PC computer, some rock posters and cassettes, they clearly aimed to show a nerd’s cave…

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