Gear (One Piece #40) ★★✬☆☆

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Title: Gear
Series: One Piece #40
Arc: Water Seven #9
Author: Eiichiro Oda
Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 225
Words: 10K

From Wikipedia:


“Power Level”

“Enies Lobby Main Island Express”


“Demon Lair”

“Luffy vs. Blueno”

“Signal the Counterattack”

“There Is a Way”



“Gear Two”

The Straw Hats lay waste to Enies Lobby, defeating anyone who tries to keep them from Robin. As the rest of the crew deals with the less formidable guardians of the island, Luffy goes ahead and calls out to CP9. Only one member of CP9, Blueno, agrees to fight him, remembering how quickly Luffy was defeated in their last encounter. As the battle progresses Luffy demonstrates his ability to use one of CP9’s abilities. After using his “Gear Two” and before demonstrating his “Gear Three”, Luffy defeats Blueno and calls out to Robin that he is there to rescue her.

This could have been a fantastic volume. It was one massive battle as the Straw Hat Pirates and Frankie’s “family” came to rescue Robin and Frankie from the stronghold of the World Government. I could actually follow most of the action, which isn’t a given with how swirly the manga-ka usually does his battles. I also thought how the various crew members getting stronger was well done. Even Usopp, excuse me, I mean “Sniper King” is getting better at surviving extinction level events. And Luffy’s battle with one of the CP9? It went fantastically.


There were simply too many double paged spreads. That might work in a paper magazine or even in a tankouban (the manga you see in a bookstore) just fine. But I’m reading this digitally, on my computer. And my options are to either shrink to a 2 page spread (and lose a ton of details and possible what the characters are saying) or to stick to 1 page at a time and have to flip back and forth to get the full picture of the action as it is spread across 2 pages and goes from top to bottom. It was incredibly frustrating.

In the manga-ka’s defense, digital wasn’t nearly as big when this was originally published. But I’m reading it now, not 13 years ago. And even then, trying to open a tankouban fully usually meant breaking the spine or having details on the inner edge being lost to view. SO NOT GOOD. THEN OR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE ME RAWWWWWWR!

Therefore I am going to be inventing time travel so I can send Oda-sensei this review, so that he flipping knocks it off. There’s no need for double page spreads. Period. And if he continues them, well, then you’ll know the REAL reason why Kyle Reese and the T800 went back in time.


23 thoughts on “Gear (One Piece #40) ★★✬☆☆

  1. Hi there ^^

    Ah, yes, the double pages… I am glad that I can zoom in those pages in the chapters I read digitally. You don’t have this option? That’s too sad…

    But to defend the tankobon issue: I also read tankobons and it is totally possible to see the whole double page without missing important details or breaking the spine. None of my tankobons have a broken spine. I just couldn’t copy or scan the page but I wouldn’t do that either way.
    So, in a tankobon, that’s not a problem, trust me.

    But yes, when it was created no one thought about a digital version. Even if I have assumed that the digital version would have a better solution for this…

    So, well, at least the story in this volume was good for you?

    ~ Misaki

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    1. I can zoom. I choose not to, because that completely breaks the flow of reading it. I want the whole page right there in front of me. Even the pages where you have to scroll up and down annoy me.

      Glad to hear you can open a tankouban without breaking the spine for double pages. That is definitely not the case for me. The Yugioh manga’s were the ones I was thinking of in this case.

      I really enjoyed the story overall. Now I just have to hope Oda-san can keep me interested 🙂


  2. My son is really into One Piece. This is kind of a throwaway comment, but I’m only thinking of it because someone gave him a One Piece shirt for his birthday. I’ve never read it or watched it myself. My personal reading has dwindled to Dean Koontz and murder mysteries, though I understand there’s some kind of mystery in One Piece. Something about pirate treasure.

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    1. I don’t mind throwaway comments 😀
      Our minds all work at different levels, so let that expression out.

      What kind of murder mysteries? Any particular author or character?

      the “mystery” of the One Piece is one of those never solved mysteries. Kind of like the tv show Monk, the mystery of his wife’s death was pretty much forgotten until they wrapped it up in the final season for “closure” reasons.

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      1. I’m currently reading a number of series. It’s a long list of authors, in other words. Veronica Heley, Dorothy Cannell, Rachel Ward, Karen MacInerney, Dean Koontz (sometimes murder mysteries) and my current favorite, Jack Benton. A few others. Writing the series would take too long.

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