[Music Monday] Star Kindler by Michael Card

From Card’s Website:

Starkindler: A Celtic Conversation Through Time features only one song written by Michael Card: the title cut,”Starkindler.”
“I wrote the melody for my wife, Susan, after I got my Celtic harp,” says Card. “Then I found an old poem and referred to it for the lyric.”
Starkindler invokes the ancient rhythms of Celtic poetry, informed by Card’s own understanding of astronomy. Mike studied physics and astronomy in college and taught at a planetarium for six years.

Songs Include:
1) Be Thou My Vision
2) Starkindler
3) Morning Has Broken
4) I Will Arise
5) Let All Things Now Living
6) The King Of Love My Shepherd Is
7) Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
8) I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say
9) Holy God We Praise Thy Name
10) Be Thou My Vision (Reprise)

In the 90’s Celtic music was in the process of making a huge comeback. Between movies like Braveheart (paint those bottoms blue, ladies and gents!), artists like Enya and groups like Celtic Women keeping the music going, Celtic was definitely in. Michael Card released this album in 1998 and it was a success.

Blending hymns, contemporary Christian songs and his own Starkindler, with the celtic harp, Card was able to synthesize something that could appeal to a very large audience. I own this cd and have enjoyed it very much over the years. A lack of overbearing backbeat, overpowering drums and a plethora of good pronunciation all add up to songs that I enjoy listening to. Card has energy with both the harp and the guitar that keeps the songs moving along.

I’ve included a youtube video of the titular song, Starkindler:

A History of ….. Music

In which I toot my own horn and drone on and on

While you might not believe it, The Bookstooge does have a History with Music. I was reminded of this fact when I read the A Very Short Introduction: Early Music last week. While ours was not a tempestuous love affair filled with passionate nights on the Riviera and dramatic and public breakups and reconciliations by day, The Bookstooge and Music are much more than just nodding acquaintances.

It all started in elementary school, as I recall. Music was a required class starting in 3rd or 4th grade and we all had to learn an instrument. For some reason I wanted to learn to play the trumpet. I have no idea why and I suspect it had more to do with the trumpet being shiny than anything else. My parents talked it over and since we lived in an apartment building with neighbors above, below and next to us, the idea was quickly squashed. And the price. I had no idea trumpets were so expensive. Thus, I was relegated to learning the recorder, a nice cheap instrument that wasn’t “that” loud and was about the simplest thing you could learn.

I was pretty proud of that instrument and spent at least a whole month being interested in it. After that, I realized that learning music and learning to play were a lot of work, work that took time that could be better spent playing outside. The church school I was at had one music teacher and I’m pretty sure she was just overworked. I remember we were supposed to learn “When the Caissons Go Rolling In” or something like that. I never learned it and I don’t remember there being ANY repercussions to not learning it. However, while I can’t tell you A from G or what a sharp or flat is, I do know the quarter, half, whole and double notes.

My next step down the musical path was in junior high. For those of you who live in the benighted outskirts of the world, junior-high consists of grades 6,7 and 8, your classic tween and early teen years. The only thing I really remember from this time is that music wasn’t cool, our whole class was pretty sullen and our music teacher was trying to teach us like we were still kids and not the intelligent almost adults that we knew we were. Looking back, I feel very bad for that teacher!

In highschool I discovered listening to music for pleasure with such artists as Enya, Ed Van Fleet and Synchestra. My love of new age/easy listening / electronica began then and there. At the same time I learned some basic musical theory and the ideas of harmony, melody and rhythm that have stuck with me to this day.

The next step was in my freshman year of bibleschool. We put on a musical called “One Voice” which was a Passion Play about Christ. After performing it at Easter, we took it on the road to several of the sister churches associated with the school. THAT was a very tumultuous time for me. I now know that I am not a group person and that people wear me out and even just being around people eats at my emotional reserves. I didn’t know that then and my emotions were on a flipping rollercoaster and I had no idea why or what to do about it. I was learning stuff like a sponge, including how to use a soundboard and that whole side of music. I swore after that experience to never participate in a group for music and I haven’t.

During my junior year a local church ran a weeklong series of seminars and one of them was on “Music and Emotions”. What an eye opener that was! Simply learning how things like rhythm, percussion, repetition all affected the emotions of the listener was a huge boon to me. Learning that most modern music is meant to manipulate the emotions of the listeners into a sense of sensual self-indulgence of feeling made the allure of the pulse pounding stuff that naturally attracted me not quite so attractive.

During this time I was in charge of the sound booth at church. I was regularly working with the choir before or after church and let me tell you, what I learned about group dynamics was another brick in my musical mountain. Learning how to balance bass, tenor, alto and soprano, how to listen for the acoustics in the hall, learning that what you hear with your ear can be quite different than what gets recorded, once again I was soaking it all in. I was also learning the mechanical side of music. Running cords, using mics, getting soundboards tuned. I learned that the people singing are only about 1/3 of what goes into that kind of thing.

Then I graduated, began working in the Land Survey field and was still running the sound booth. Only now I was teaching the up and coming kids how to do it. They weren’t kidding when they say you learn more from teaching than from learning.

Life kept progressing. I met and married Mrs B, we started attending another church and I ended up running the sound department for a couple of years. Things expanded once again only now, I wasn’t so keen to learn. I was tired of singers acting like prima donnas and thinking that the singing was the most important part. I was tired of old people complaining that they couldn’t hear and young people complaining that it was too loud. I was tired of people coming up to me at 9am Sabbath morning and saying “Oh, by the way, can we do X” and them expecting miracles. They had no idea what they were asking and when we regularly overcame the hurdles and did what they asked, they just assumed it was normal and kept asking for more and more. And if you said “no”, boy, they looked at you like you were the devil incarnate!

In ’18 we began attending our current church and I helped out with sound for about a year. At our current church, worship through song is as big a part as the sermon and contemporary worship music was the name of the game. I eventually had to stop being part of the sound crew because I couldn’t take it. Even now, we come later so as to avoid the majority of the music. Neither I or Mrs B like contemporary and we just want the old hymns.

So right now, music is a very small part of my life. I probably voluntarily listen to music once or twice a month and if it was down to zero I’d be ok. I know this is just a phase and at some point I’ll get into another aspect of music. I’ll be interested to see what that is when it happens 😀

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#MusicMonday – ♪PSychic Grandma♪ ♪Comes Alive♪

Notorious PSG, the Rapping Ghostly PSychic Grandma, has released a new post-humous album this month. Titled ♪PSychic Grandma ♪Comes Alive♪, fans were delighted to hear a B side of her now infamous ♪More Dead♪ Than Alive♪ and Staying ♪that Way♪. While critics have derided this album as nothing but a PR stunt, PSG was overheard to say that she believes it’s her best work to date. Well, she did admit that her Party Album, which is still the prime suspect in the cottage collapse that propelled her to Super-Ghost Stardom, had a charm all it’s own.

The one big breakout hit from this album ♪The B to the F of the Ol’10 Z♪, is sure to amuse her long time fans. As many know, PSG is a big fan of her Lucky Charms and in this song she really goes after the leprechauns trying to steal them from her. Nobody messes with PSG’s bowl of Lucky Charms, Nobody!

I was introduced to Notorious PSG through the Belgium Boom Wave scene. While an obscure figure to the musical world at large, PSG is a veritable legend in the BBW community. Many, myself included, consider her the foundation on which the whole genre rests. I dare say that without PSG, Belgium Boom Wave wouldn’t exist today.

I won’t be including a sound clip because PSG needs everyone to go buy her new album. Being a Super Ghost-Star is a lot more work than she thought and I hope the musical community can give back twice as much as Notorious PSG has given it.


#Music Monday – ♪Dark Sky Island♪

I am not a big music fan. I do try to do a couple of #MusicMonday posts a year just to keep that “Music” category from collecting too much dust.

Dark Sky Island is Enya’s latest album, from back in 2015. All her fans have given up ever trying to get her to release anything even semi-quick, so considering there is still no news of a new album in ’21 comes as no surprise to any of us. We just keep on listening to what she has released.

This youtube embed has several of the “official” music vidoes. I recommend just listening though. Next to Amethystium, Enya is my favorite musical artist. And that should do it for 6 months for music and me.

♪O Come ♪All Ye Faithful♪

O come, all ye faithful,
Joyful and triumphant,
O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem.
Come and behold Him,
Born the King of Angels!

O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
Christ the Lord.

Sing, alleluia,
All ye choirs of angels;
O sing, all ye blissful ones of heav’n above.
Glory to God
In the highest glory!

O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
Christ the Lord.

Yea, Lord, we greet Thee,
Born this happy morning;
Jesus, to Thee be the glory giv’n;
Word of the Father,
Now in the flesh appearing,

O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
Christ the Lord.

In 12hrs from the posting of this, I should be in church at our annual Christmas Eve service. I am hoping that we will sing this hymn. But whether this hymn or others, I will be singing the truth out with fellow believers in Jesus. I cannot wait!

[Masters of Ironing] Soothing the Savage Beast

It has been said that music can tame the savage beast, without or within. Probably whoever said that was famous and wouldn’t know a savage beast if it bit them on the backside. Here at Masters of Ironing, we know better.

Let put this “hypothetical” question to you. If you were running through the Streets of Amsterdam and a lion was chasing you, would you rather have a tiny little flute in your hand or piping hot 5lb iron, preferably the good old T200 version?

Remember the Old Wise Ironing Adage: “A hot iron in hand is worth two lions in the bush“.

Forget not this precept my children and you will live a long and prosperous life.

#Music Monday – ♪Record of Lodoss War♪ Opening and Closing Song

The is the opening and closing song to the Record of Lodoss War OVA anime that I plan on reviewing next week (I believe. I’m trying the block editor again and really missing the calendar function). This is the English version, as I couldn’t find any videos of the japanese with english subtitles.

The opening song is titled Adesso E Fortuna and the closing song is named Fantasia Of The Wind. Most of the pictures in the video are from the anime but a few are from fanart sites. I plan on talking about these songs in the anime review so I am not saying much here.

#Music Monday – ♪Winterborn♪

Back in 2013 life was hard, for quite a variety of reasons. A cousin of mine had introduced me to the band Cruxshadows. I was listening to their discography as much as I could.

Came across a reference to this particular song on an old blog and thought I’d share. What better way than a Music Monday post. This is the acoustic version. You can search out the regular version on Youtube if you so desire, but this is just so much smoother.