Monster Hunter Legion

Monster Hunter Legion Monster Hunter Legion

Monster Hunter #4

Larry Correia

4 of 5 Stars


Firefox crashed about 1/2way through my first draft. Bleh. So here is another take.

This review represents my 1000th review here on GR. I’m pretty proud of that fact. Even though some of those reviews are of the “I hate/love this book” type. At least I took the effort, you know?

So, MHI: Legion.

A monster hunt that is totally hardcore, of global ramifications AND is just a taste of the badness that is coming. Imagination, determination, BIG guns and serious bodily harm all round.

Team Force Unicorn. Only the creepy douchebag leader guy is part of this story. And he really makes the former leader of MCB look like a nice guy.

Then you get all the different revelations: For all you LOSERS who expect reviews to be sanitized just for YOU, you selfish pigs. feel free to drop dead in the most painful way possible. No really, I don’t mind if you do..
Ok, try this instead: Owen and wife having a baby. Julie’s continued slide toward guardian mode. Owen’s brother getting involved in MHI. The info that “something” is waking up and preparing to take over the world.

Then, right at the end, Owen has the “Prophecy Talk” with his dad. Well, they start it, and the book ends. This is my only gripe with the book. I don’t mind a good cliff hanger ending, but this was just totally out of control douchebaggery [and yes, I declare that to be a real word].

An awesome quick read with guns and monsters that left me wanting the next book NOW.