Dave Freer
1 Star
260 pages, epub

you know those books that you think “well, maybe it will get better by the next chapter” only you think that for the whole book and it doesn’t? This was one of those.

Blatant sexuality, scumbags and betrayal upon betrayal. I certainly won’t be reading anymore by this author. Very disappointed.


The Stoneways #1
S.C. Butler
YA Fantasy
3 Stars
463 pages, paperbook

a young man, heir to 2 kingdoms, is kidnapped by wizards so they can control him and sow chaos in the world, thus strengthening their rule. Several of the boy’s friends attempt to rescue him: a dwarf, a shapechanger, and 2 childhood friends. They get him back, only to have him go back to the wizards right at the end of the book. Is Reiffen under their spell, or attempting to fool the wizards and overthrow them?

I would almost classify this as YA, because the characters are young teens, and the writing seems geared toward a younger, simpler audience. Looking forward to the next in this trilogy.

After Worlds Collide

After Worlds Collide
Bronson Beta #2
Philip Wylie
Edwin Balmer
4 Stars
190 pages, paperbook

the group from earth makes to to Bronson Beta, only to find they are not alone. Other groups from earth have also made the crossing, and some of them are inimically opposed to Henderson’s group. After a time of figuring stuff out, the bad guys are taken out and the good guys have the planet to themselves, for their children.

Deadhouse Gates (Malazan Book of the Fallen #2)

Deadhouse Gates

Malazan Book of the Fallen #2

Steven Erikson

4 Stars


I just realized, the Sha’ik rebellion ISN’T the Pannion Domin. I kind of skimmed over that fact last time. The question I have, is Icarium, a Jahg, the same thing as a Jaghut? Or are those different things? So many details just not explained. Hopefully more explanations in the later books.


Frederik Pohl
4 Stars
276 pages, paperbook

several short stories chronicling mankind once unlimited energy is discovered. The push to the stars, the takeover [albiet peacefully and by our letting it go] of the earth by robots.

An interesting little tale.


The Eternal Champion
Michael Moorcock
Dark Fantasy
3 Stars
502 pages, paperbook

Consisting of:
The Jewel in the Skull
The Mad God’s Amulet
The Sword of Dawn
The Runestaff.

This was blase, really. Nothing Hawkmoon faced seemed overwhelming, nor was he really likable like Corum, nor ultra-tragic like Elric. And then he doesn’t die in the end. It felt like a thin vegetable soup.


The Iron Elves #2
Chris Evans
2 Stars
360 pages, Pbook

I actually liked this better than the first book.

Another Star comes down to yet another land wanting its independence. Only this time there are things capable of destroying the shadow stuff, the Iron Elves included.

Everybody was a jerk though, not a single character was really likable. If this doesn’t change in the next book, whenever it comes out, that will be it for me. A semi-interesting story isn’t worth a bunch of people you’d like to punch.