The Body in the Library

The Body in the LibraryThe Body in the Library

Miss Marple #3

Agatha Christie

4 of 5 Stars


A thoroughly enjoyable murder mystery.

She hadn’t turned up and it was time to begin. I was vexed, I can tell you! That’s the sort of silly things girls do and get the management’s back up, and then they get the sack!

Sadly, and humorously, young people haven’t changed at all since that was written back in the 1920’s…

Passage to Dawn

Passage to DawnPassage to Dawn

Legends of Drizzt #10

Legacy of the Drow #4

R.A. Salvatore

2 of 5 Stars


The last Drizz’t book I’ll be reading.

While Salvatore can write a good battle scene, it seems that he writes like a crap author in every other situation. Which is odd, as I’ve read his Star Wars books, and while not terribly impressed, I didn’t feel like a 10year old was writing the dialogue.

So farewell Mr Drizz’t. May you find a luscious dark elf who also likes goodness, mainly so that Salvatore can stop yanking your chain with these terribly forced, awkward, cross-species wannabe romances…



Eternal Champion: Elric #6

Michael Moorcock

4 of 5 Stars


I hadn’t remembered that this book was about the End of the World, not just Elric’s end. So it was definitely a different tone for me than the previous books.

Blast those Pan Tang’ians 🙂 Always causing trouble…

The Far West

The Far WestThe Far West

Frontier Magic #3

Patricia Wrede

4 of 5 Stars


The conclusion to the trilogy.

The “Far West” part didn’t come into play until about 40% into the book. Lots of other stuff going on. Cathayan magicians/magic are part of this story too.

so basically the expedition goes farther west than anyone else in recorded history, solves a big problem and comes home.

Eff gets married and they decide that they will move to a frontier settlement so they can continue their studies of all the new stuff.

The Chosen: God’s Dream for You

coverThe Chosen: God’s Dream for You

Dwight Nelson




This was supposed to be a daily devotional, with a reading a day. I was expecting some kind of verse or thought from the Bible, expounded upon.
It was all based upon the theme of “The Chosen”, hence the title. The Chosen refers to those who are staying close to God in their walk through life.

I was disappointed. Many of the daily readings were very “Ellen White” centric instead of Christ centered. Others kind of rambled on about vagaries without saying very much.

I don’t consider this a waste of my time, and I’m sure it will help out other people, who are at different stages in the their Christian walk, but it was not for me at this time.