Sacred Band

11786701The Sacred Band
Acacia #3
by David Anthony Durham
Ebook, 544 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I found this book much like Acacia: The War with the Mein, in that I had a hard time starting, but the ending was good and I enjoyed the read.

This book definitely moved beyond the fantasy action and delved into optimism, hope, philosophy[undefined] and reason.

It made for a satisfying read, even if it was slow and not gripping.

I found it very uplifting to see the author portraying characters who deliberately broke their cycles of violence and hate and reforged circles of love and hope. Just when you thought someone was a complete badguy, they change, are redeemed and make things better.

The Other Lands

Acacia #2
David Durham
Epub-504 pages
3 Stars

Thankfully, I was primed to dive into this book, unlike book 1, where I had to try 3 times to get into it.

Lots of action, intrigue, politics and magic. Ends with several world changing events on the horizon.

I really enjoyed this. Where War with the Mein took me a while to get into, I was already hooked and ready to go from page 1 with this book. Follows the 3 royals and the consequences of the Guild poking its nose into business it doesn’t understand. Basically, another war is coming to Acacia, with ALL the clans of the Other Lands instead of just 1. Magic, the book of Elenet, the Santoth and hinted consequences are integral to the story as well. Looking forward to the final book

Acacia: The War with the Mein

Acacia: The War with the Mein
Acacia #1
David Durham
4 Stars
Epub, 456 Pages

After having tried to read this [twice!] earlier this year, I had given up on this series. However, after some encouragement from people here, I tried again, and I have to say, it was worth it.

The setup for the plot IS laggy. But after the 150 page mark, things get better and better. I was really drawn into the world Durham creates and am looking forward to more stories in this world.

Complex, long term and with just enough twists and turns to keep things interesting, Durham has created a world that is potentially HUGE for exploring. Definitely looking forward to the other 2 in this series.


Acacia #1
David Durham
2 Stars
dtb, DNF

this story seemed like my thing. A kingdom about to undergo tumult, royal children spirited away, assassins, etc. But for whatever reason, I just couldn’t get into it. I tried 5 times, and would read 5-10pages, and then lose interest. So I gave up. I would recommend it anyway, how weird is that?