The Iron Elves #2
Chris Evans
2 Stars
360 pages, Pbook

I actually liked this better than the first book.

Another Star comes down to yet another land wanting its independence. Only this time there are things capable of destroying the shadow stuff, the Iron Elves included.

Everybody was a jerk though, not a single character was really likable. If this doesn’t change in the next book, whenever it comes out, that will be it for me. A semi-interesting story isn’t worth a bunch of people you’d like to punch.

A Darkness Forged in Fire

A Darkness Forged in Fire
Iron Elves #1
Chris Evans
3 Stars
416 Pages, paperbook

across the Sea, there is some evil witch elf who wants to cover the world in darkness, or some such. A group of elves have been marked by her, with one ear being turned black. Such elves are called the Iron Elves and cast out from elven society. They became a group of fighters in the human empire. They were disbanded for disloyalty, before the book begins.

This book deals with the reforming of the Iron Elves, only without any elves except for the Captain, who is an elf who hates nature and who nature seems to hate in return. The New Iron Elves have to fight some battle and in the end realize that they have carried out the will of the Witch Elf and everyone is all sad.

Darren recommended this, so I was really looking forward to it. Didn’t really care for it though. I’ll read the next, but only because the library has it.