Dragon Strike

Dragon StrikeDragon Strike

Age of Fire #4

E.E. Knight

3 of 5 stars


I was boreder and boreder. And for me to write those words, you better believe it.

Knight has almost lost me on his Vampire Earth series and has just about lost me on this series as well. How can someone have such cool overall ideas and then bore me to death?

Choice of the Cat

Choice of the CatChoice of the Cat

Vampire Earth #2

E.E. Knight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


So the main character turns into a Cat instead of being a Wolf. And some romance with some other Cat. Some sort of new menace, blah, blah, blah.
I enjoyed this as much as the first book, but don’t know how the overall series will end up going…

Dragon Outcast

Dragon OutcastDragon Outcast

Age of Fire #3

E.E. Knight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


It is the occasional book like this that keeps me reading series in hopes that it will get better.

I enjoyed Dragon Champion and even Dragon Avenger, but both of them were heavy on the hopelessness of the situation and left me feeling rather blah.

This book I went into expecting to hate the main character and for him to be a villainous terror for the whole book. So imagine my surprise when I feel sorry for him from the get-go!

And it just gets better. Sure, RuGaard has some very tough times. But he is ALWAYS looking for ways to better himself and help those around him. And in the end, he [spoiler] becomes king of a clan of dragons[/spoiler] and is working with humans and other species.

Hope the rest of the series stays on this level.

Way of the Wolf

Way of the WolfWay of the Wolf

Vampire Earth #1

E.E. Knight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Vampire Earth series. I figured it was going to be a series that could have been a sequel to The Strain.

Not quite so much. Vampires are just aliens, yeah, go figure.

Anyway, I never would have thought this author was the same who wrote the Dragon Champion. I’ll probably read a couple more to see where the series goes…

Dragon Avenger


Dragon Avenger by E.E. Knight
Age of Fire #2
Ebook, 384 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Follows the other sibling who survived the initial assault by the Firewheel dwarves.

This book seemed to really bring home just how chaotic everything is. Nations falling apart, uprisings, villages becoming new kingdoms, etc, etc.

And lots of betrayal. It made my wonder why the dragons hadn’t setup their own kingdom by now and even though an ancient dragon kingdom was touched upon, it just didn’t seem “right” that they hadn’t tried to band together.

The whole “stallion syndrome” is explained. But I have to say, if a creature won’t change, it deserves to die. Makes it really hard to empathize with the dragons to be honest.

Dragon Champion


Dragon Champion by E.E. Knight
Age of Fire #1
Ebook, 384 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


A fantasy story from the Dragons’ perspective.

I found this coming of age story very interesting. Our protagonist does lots of travelling, giving the reader a much broader view of the world that EE Knight has created. Elves, dwarves, blighters, humans and dragons.

A very complicated world with the balance of powers constantly shifting and each race in some way created to counter-balance the others. Humans are doing what they do best, taking over. So why the other races don’t just band together to stop them is beyond me. but of course a “real” world wouldn’t be that simple now would it?

So you get factional fighting as well as racial wars. And this one dragon has to survive it all.