Elminster: In Myth Drannor

Elminster: In Myth Drannor
Forgotten Realms: Elminster #2
Ed Greenwood
1 star
378 pages

Elminster goes to the Elven kingdom to learn lots of magic and help the elves open up their kingdom. Almost all the elves want to kill him so he ends up spending 20+ years apprenticing to some unknown elven sorcerer. Everything works out in the end with one elvenhouse swearing eternal vengeance against him, so as to make room for more books 😉 Blase writing but a good time killer. Light.

Elminster: The Making of a Mage

Elminster: The Making of a Mage
Forgotten Realms: Elminster #1
Ed Greenwood
2 stars
312 pages

the beginnings of the mage known as Elminster. A huge hero in the forgotten realms lore, I gather. This book didn’t so much read as it was almost a script for a D&D campaign. Given, Ed did make up D&D, but still.

This was more 2D than a Terry Brooks book. So if you want a brainless magic read, this is the type of series for you. I shall be reading more Forgotten Realms to see if they are all like this. Might depend on the author I guess.