The Last Day

The Last Day

Glenn Kleier


1 Star


a book written right before the Y2K craze. A woman is the begotten daughter of god and everything takes place on and around the New Year of 2000. At first I thought it was blasphemous, but several comments made me realize the author didn’t know a thing about Christianity and was just kluging popular ideas together. My main tipoff was his off the cuff reaction of the 7th Day Adventists to this “new messiah”. He simply didn’t have a clue. Second was the repeated references to “church/temple of the self. God is inside.” Antithesis to true Christianity.

Everything else fell pretty flat as well. Characterization came out candy thin and by the end everyone was all ‘lets love everybody and do the right thing’ without any real change or reason for change. Romance was forced onto us like an ugly old relative wanting a kiss on the mouth. The plot relied on action sequences driven by mega-maniacal authority figures that made me cringe with their fakeness. Overall, this is one book I really should have not finished, but I had to so I could call it the utter, complete piece of trash it is. AVOID AT ALL COST!