Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Harry Potter #7
JK Rowling
ya fantasy
3 stars
759 pages

My general thoughts. I enjoyed the book overall. However, the ending in no way diminishes Harry’s pisspoor attitude ever since book 5. I have no problems with Harry Potter on a theological level, but I sure wouldn’t let my kids read this series until they are well into their teens. His attitude was horrible and I wouldn’t want that passed on.

In no way can Harry Potter be considered a Hero. The Protagonist, yes, Hero, no. Any and all sacrifices were because Harry was selfish and refused to believe in his friends, to trust them, to trust that what he learned about them was true. Instead of trusting what he knew about them from personal experience, he chose instead to believe half truths and lies from sources that he KNEW would twist things to their own ends.

Harry Potter is the worst kind of friend to have. He will believe the guttersnipe that tells him his friend would stab him in the back. All the while the friend has shown himself true OVER and OVER again. But does this mean anything to Harry? No. His inherent selfishness forces others to prove themselves, to Harry’s satisfaction, to him over and over again.
Friend: “But Harry, I’ve saved your life 38.89 million times!”
Harry: “Doesn’t matter. You never told me you liked red socks. You must hate me and want to really kill me cause a REAL friend would have told me that fact when we first met!”

Ridiculous, yes. But that is how things have been since The Order of the Phoenix.

The only redeeming part of this book is the end. I enjoyed it and I thought it ended the storyline satisfactorily. AND, more importantly, there is no real room for sequels, thank goodness!