The Four Forges

The Four Forges
Elven Ways #1
Jenna Rhodes
3 Stars
547 pages

a world where elves suddenly descended after mages had wiped themselves out. For hundreds of years the elves have been trying to remember where they came from and how to get back there. This follows 2 halfbloods. One becomes the spy for the queen of the elves and the other grows up with a dweller [think hobbit/dwarf cross] family. The elves have accords to not war with eachother and this series deals with how those accords are failing.

In this novel, a renegade elf forces demons into weapons to make them super-powerful. And it comes down to the 2 halfbloods to stop him.

I will probably read this series but no other by the author. It just wasn’t interesting enough to me to search out her other stuff.