Jumper: Griffin’s Story


Jumper: Griffin’s Story by Steven Gould
Jumper #3
Ebook, 286 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Unfortunately, though Gould decides to write another Jumper story, this was pretty much a copy of the earlier Jumper books, but with more death, violence and sex.

Deals with 9 year old Griffin, who can jump. He is being targeted for elimination by a mysterious group. Needless to say, he ends up moving out by his lonesome into the middle of the desert.

And right at the end, when he’s 17’sh, he starts taking the fight back to the enemy. and then bam, it just ends.

Since this was written in ’07, I doubt we’ll be seeing any more if a sequel hasn’t come out by now. Which is too bad, cause it would have been nice to see a violent psychopathic Jumper kick some Secret Society Butt.


Jumper #2
Steven Gould
Ebook, 310 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


A more mature Davy and his wife go through a horrifying ordeal.

This was a fully thought out novel, with the consequences mapped out for someone who is a teleport like Davy.

It rang true, not over the top comic book style, and held my attention. Definitely be reading the third book.


Jumper #1
by Steven Gould
Ebook, 345 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I went into this expecting a simple ya scifi oriented story. This is so much more!

It is more of a coming of age than an adventure story. Davy goes from a young man scared for his life to a man dealing with love, hatred, fear, revenge and duty.

Very well done.