Interphase DNF @ 26%

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Title: Interphase

Series: —–

Author: Kira & Jonathan Wilxon

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Genre: SF

Pages: 432



A mid 20’s guy, way in the future, finds another world and finds a chick that likes him there. Only, it is appears to be all digital and computery and mysterious. So a group of friends get together to find out what is going on.

And the world of the future is in the balance or something.


My Thoughts:

Caveat Number 1

I have some mutual friends with these authors and I ALWAYS judge people I know much harder than I do some unknown stranger.

Caveat Number 2

Me and gamers aren’t on best of terms. I don’t have a problem with people who game and keep it in its proper place. But when I think of a “gamer”, I think of that 20something out of college, without a job, living in their parents basement who can’t pay you for gas but somehow mysteriously ALWAYS has their monthly gaming fees.

So with all that being said, I think I am the completely wrong person to have reviewed this book. However, I know there are other people like me out there and this is for them [and me obviously, for when I go senile and can’t remember why I didn’t finish this book]

A lot of blushing goes on. I’m talking “guardians in the kitchen catching a quick smootch and the main character [that 20something gamer I mentioned] blushes at that” level of blushing. I don’t like graphic sex in my books, but this level of naivete was annoying.

The story was rolling along and the MC was doing his heroic quest gaming thing and that appeared that that was all he did, play video games. Ok,no problem, in the future the economy is different. Oh, here’s 3 sentences about his job that he keeps showing up late for or missing shifts altogether. So he does work, kind of. It would have been better not to mention this at all, as at that point I completely went on a full on Responsibility Rage Rant and my poor wife had to listen to me.

And so I quit.

The writing was fine, the story was a bit drawn out [over 400 pages for a first novel] and the grammar was fine for what I read as well. Maybe you’ll enjoy this, maybe you won’t. But either way, it isn’t the New Best Seller of the Millennium, no matter how you slice it.