Shattered Spear (Lost Stars #4) (Lost Fleet)

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Title: Shattered Spear

Series: Lost Stars

Author: Jack Campbell

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 350

Format: Kindle digital edition



Iceni and Drakon deal with a plethora of threats. The Enigma’s wipe out a near by system and begin to build up a base. The Syndics are sending more ships against Midway to take it back. A Warlord, who has personal enmity against Iceni, has arisen and is starting to build a systems wide group.

At the same time Roh AND Togo both appear to be going after the other’s former chief, ie, Iceni and Drakon.

Thankfully, Drakon and Iceni make nice and get hitched at the end. Nothing says “Romance” like a nice contract while wearing battle armor and your former aide is trying to kill your lover.


My Thoughts:

Once again, Campbell does not disappoint with this latest Lost Stars book.

My only complaints are as such:

  • Stop including Syndic/Alliance stereotypes just so characters can renege them to show how much they’ve changed. We get it. Midway is trying to go its own way. Stop beating me over the head with that.
  • Give me more ground forces fighting. Having the Midway forces give up on taking the Enigma’s base was realistic, but it wasn’t fun to read about. Give me some room by room clearing action. Space shotguns, Doom style!

Considering that those are my only “complaints”, I’m pretty happy. This is something like the 14th or 15th Lost Fleet Universe book by Campbell and I’m still not bored. I’m not mad at him for not finishing things up. I do hope that he wraps up individual story lines [like Jack “Black” Geary and the Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier series], but if he wants to keep writing spin off series/stories with new characters, I’d be great with that.

Finally, the cover. I’ve been really enjoying these Lost Stars covers and I hope that they keep the same artist for as long as the series runs. They are truly representative of the “feel” of these books.



Imperfect Sword (Lost Stars #3) (Lost Fleet)

cover This review is written with a GPL 3.0 license and the rights contained therein shall supersede all TOS by any and all websites in regards to copying and sharing without proper authorization and permissions. Crossposted at by express permission of this reviewer

Title: Imperfect Stars

Series: The Lost Stars #3, Lost Fleet

Author: Jack Campbell

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 379



President Iceni and General Drakon must defend themselves yet again from the remnants of the Syndic Gov’t. The best way they can think of to do this is to help their neighbors and form some sort of loose Coalition or Alliance but without becoming the Syndics 2.0 or an Empire.

The Ulindi Star System is in rebellion and looks promising to both Iceni and Drakon. But can they help that system without endangering themselves or the people they have sworn to protect.


My Thoughts:

First, it has taken me 3 books to put the facts together that Iceni’s name is Gwen and Drakon’s is Artur. Arthur and Guinevere. Doh. Hope that doesn’t bode ill for the ending of the series.

Loved, loved, loved this book! It was the perfect mix of space fighting, ground fighting, intrigue, mystery with just a hint of romance. I have to admit, I think I am enjoying this Lost Stars series more than the original Lost Fleet books. And I definitely enjoy having 2 main characters instead of just Jack Black Geary.

This series continues to explore non-Alliance space, politics and the after-affects of Jack Black ending the war. With the introduction of the Dancers’ cryptic message about “different stars” you know this series is going to go for several more books. Honestly, I’m hoping for another 3, to make it match the original series.

While my enthusiasm for the spinoff series Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier waxes and wanes, these books have consistently kept my interest and kept me wanting the next book, now. Highly recommended to any SFF fan, with the caveat that you read the first 6 Lost Fleet books to understand the universe you are in.

Victorious (Lost Fleet #6)


Lost Fleet #6

Jack Campbell

5 Stars


A good wrap up to the Lost Fleet series.

Geary takes the fleet home, then turns around and hits the syndics so hard that they capitulate, while starting to deal with the alien threat. The getting home arc is over.

There is enough mystery about the aliens that I can easily foresee 4-6 more books about the adventures in dealing with them. If so, I’d hope Campbell uses another character than Geary. The poor guy finally gets together with the other captain, and he needs a break.

Relentless (Lost Fleet #5)


Lost Fleet #5

Jack Campbell

4 Stars


The Lost Fleet finally makes it back to Alliance territory. In spite of overwhelming odds, alien intervention and sabotage by officers in his own fleet, Geary makes it home. Ends with them planning a raid on the Syndic CEO homeworld to cut the head off of the snake and then deal with the aliens as best they can.

A good cut off point for the series, but maybe he’ll do one more in this series? Just checked the bibliography on his website, John G Hemry and it looks like he WILL be writing another book, due out in ’10.

Courageous (Lost Fleet #3)


Lost Fleet #3

Jack Campbell

3 Stars


Things started to wear a bit in this book. Geary saves them, they complain. They get smacked up. Geary does this, Geary thinks that.

Really need to move past the whole “running around in enemy territory” thing. This was almost a carbon copy of the 2nd book. Different names and places, but same idea. I want something new.

Fearless (Lost Fleet #2)


Lost Fleet #2

Jack Campbell

4 Stars


the second leg of the journey home. They rescue a bunch of POW’s and one turns out to be a charismatic “hero” who was a real blunderer. The blunderer convinces 40 ships to follow him and they take off on their own. Only 12 survive and hook backup with the main fleet.

I really like this series.

Dauntless (Lost Fleet #1)


Lost Fleet #1

Jack Campbell

4 Stars


a space captain is rescued from his escape pod 100 years after the battle he won. The alliance and the syndic are still at war. Through a variety of bad decisions on the alliance’s part, all their military leaders are butchered by the syndic, leaving John Geary in charge. His mission is to take the fleet home and deliver a hypernet key to the alliance. The current military is a bunch of amateurs and Geary must navigate politics as well as the enemy if he is to survive, much less succeed.

My cousin suggested this author to me and I’m really liking this series so far. Geary doesn’t want to be in charge, especially in charge of idiots. But he is and he does his duty.