by Robert Charles Wilson
Dtb, 458 Pages
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


I was induced to read this by Sergio, a complete stranger who commented on my review of Bios, encouraging me to read Spin.

Bios was horrible.

But I figured that if a complete stranger could take the time to recommend a different book by the author, then I should try it.

I am glad I did.

It confirms my opinion that Wilson is a pseudo-scyence lover and a snob of HUGE proportions. And he’s a complete dickhead who loves his own words like a lover.

Unlike Bios, this had an interesting premise-mankind stalled while the universe races on.

But the execution was horrific. The main character representing all those who are uncertain but don’t trust religion. The sister, who gets taken in by a cult, because as we the readers all know [Wilson doesn’t insinuate this point, he BLUDGEONS], all religions are false and are simply setup by smart people to take advantage of the gullible. The brother, the brilliant scientist who keeps on going in the face of any and all discouragement and setbacks and who is so pure as to sacrifice himself for Scyence’s sake [and yes, Scyence seems to be Wilson’s god here. He just doesn’t want to admit it].

So if you enjoy thinly disguised “philosophy” [ie, I’m right, you are wrong, because I wrote it so], then I think Wilson is for you. I’ve read less preachy and pushy Christian romances than this, and that is saying something!

so thank you Sergio. You have helped me definitely cross off Wilson from my TBR author list. And yes, that is a good thing 😀


Robert Wilson
1 Star
DTB, 251 Pages

a humanistic book in which everybody dies just so the author can wax eloquent on his pet philosophical point. Not really enjoyable and will not be reading any more by this author.