Final Prophecy

Final Prophecy
Star Wars: New Jedi Order #18
Greg Keyes
84 / 3stars

Whatever. the writing was blase and I read it just to know the NJO storyline. Zonama Sekot is hurt by the Vong, etc. The only cool thing was that the Vong were making their own brand of ‘jedi’, ultra powered-up warriors, just at the end of thebook tho. And Boba Fett appears and saves Han and Leia.

Force Heretic

SW:NJO:Force Heretic:Remnant
SW:NJO:Force Heretic:Refugee
SW:NJO:Force Heretic:Reunion

-Sean Williams Shane Dix
-84 / 3stars

-The search for Zonama Sekot starts and finishes, alliances are forged [tween empire, galactic alliance and chiss], ‘Jeedai’ heresy continues to spread thru the Yuuzhan Vong and Tahiri becomes something more. Rogue Planet by Greg Bear is a must read to understand this trilogy, unfortunately.